RIIV: “Beautiful” – romantic, sexy and catchy

Originally from Haiti, RIIV moved to Connecticut at the age of 6. A rebellious teen, RIIV often ended up in troubling situations. It wasn’t until he landed in a group home that he gained a close knit group of friends and felt inspired to start singing. His journey in life has contributed to his ability to create music that leaves audiences wanting more. Emotionally connected to his music, RIIV enjoys writing songs about love and making people feel something. “Beautiful” is a romantic, sexy record. In addition to dope vocals, the production work is solid, comprised of slick, hip-hop/urban drum programming, warm pads, and synths. The resulting sound is something neatly ornate, and incredibly effective.

RIIV’s easygoing tone, soulful and soaring at times, perfectly fluctuates over the course of the track and never runs the risk of sounding flat and static. Relatability, positivity, and general geniality seem to characterize the singer both as a person and a musician, as he comes across as a wholesome artist.

His unique voice and iconic style shine on this release, laying bare his emotions and feelings for all to listen to. It’s clear that with a mix of R&B pop and electronic elements, RIIV and his production crafted Suncity to showcase his incredible artistry.

RIIV’s magical pipes fills this track with a beautiful melody and incredible runs. He transports listeners into his tale of romance and appreciation, where his stunning voice covers them in a blanket of tranquility and reassurance, infectiously drawing them back into the track to listen again and again.

“Beautiful” is a beautiful arrangement of sounds. RIIV has a way of weaving elements of throwback R&B, and modern pop into an infectiously catchy beat. And he does that without being overtly saccharine or resorting to that derivative drop-that bass.

The song conveys a sort of timelessness and nostalgia by drawing from various genres. The chorus is electrifying and catchy, where the vocals soar with intensity, which perfectly contrasts the new age production style. It’s simple, but allows his soulful voice to carry the entire song.

There is no overproduction – just keys, tasty percussion and a heavenly voice draping you in warmth. Besides the musicality, the lyricism is genuine and vibrant, making listeners feel like they’re actually surrounded by these sentiments that RIIV is singing about.

All in all, RIIV impresses on “Beautiful”, and seems ready for the spotlight and to capture his place in the professional music industry. I will be jamming out to this in the car.

For a full list of where you can purchase and stream “Beautiful”, please visit www.riiv.hearnow.com. For more information about RIIV’s record label L2 Records, please visit www.L2records.com.

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