Red Roll – “Call Me Mad” is literally brimming with magnificence!

“Call Me Mad”, the first single off the album “At The End The Beginning” by Italian rock band Red Roll, is a true masterpiece of alternative rock music that shows how beautifully epic this art can be when it’s done right. The song twists and careens through rock, grunge, metal and punk, displaying some iconic riffs and heavily layered walls of guitar, alongside a relentless rhythm. Red Roll aspire to building a powerful legacy with their music. And they can only go up from here.

Red Roll prove their sound is timeless in “Call Me Mad”, defining a sound that will no doubt continue for decades to come. Discussing the single, the band explained: “We chose this song as our first single because it is what most represents us, it provides an overview of what Red Roll is, in its different stylistic nuances and influences.”

“Call Me Mad” gets in your head without frills, conveying direct and instinctive emotions: exactly what we seek in making music,” Red Roll continued to elaborate. “The lyrics instead talk about points of view. What is madness? We look into human needs and try to find out why we always must rationalize and give a name to everything, also to those things that cannot be categorized or enclosed within a word.”

On “Call Me Mad”, Red Roll manage a balance of searching lyrics with loud riffs, anthemic vocals, and breakneck energy. Sometimes, a track is just perfect.  Nothing needs to be added or taken away.  It is simply right the first time. This what Passo (vocals and guitar), Jhonny (drummer), Leo (guitar and vocals) and Cesi (bass), have achieved with this single.

“Call Me Mad” has the soaring vocals, it has the hardnosed guitars, the mind-blowing drums and the throbbing basslines.  Furthermore it has an edgy vibe, and it reeks of passion. The sound Red Roll create is large and loud. The virtuosity of the instruments is mesmerizing, while the skill and refinement of each player will blow you away. The track is literally brimming with magnificence.

What makes “Call Me Mad” so damn enjoyable is, despite the mighty impressive technical ability and crunchy heaviness, the track remains wonderfully accessible to most. It’s clear from the outset that Red Roll were determined to make a record they could really be proud of, something that would put the band on the map, as well as introduce their album “At The End The Beginning” to the world.

Red Roll was launched many years ago in the Bolognese Apennines. From a very young age, the 4 members approached the world of music as a diversion from reality. After 15 years of musical experimentation, they gave life to Red Roll.  Within just two years Red Roll had become a registered trademark. As well as being a band, it has also became a craft beer and a line of T-Shirts.

In recent years Red Roll have performed in many concerts and events, such as the opening of the Nomadi concert and the live event at the Bormio Ski Slope during the Ski World Cup. “Call Me Mad” is a great listen if you want something fresh yet extreme, a perfect contrast.


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