Psychedelic Resurgence: The Allure of’s ‘Play It Cool’

In the ever-evolving soundscape of rock music, where the past and present intermingle in a harmonious yet daring dance,’s latest single, “Play It Cool,” emerges as a distinctive and mesmerizing gem. Crafted by the musical prowess of Tom Powell, under his moniker, this psychedelic auditory creation navigates the realms of nostalgia while exuding a modern fervor that refuses to be confined by time. “Play It Cool” resonates as a sonorous time capsule, summoning the spirit of the nineties, and a hint of early Tame Impala, in a way that feels both reverent and innovative. Tom Powell’s adept manipulation of reverb-soaked layers, resonating guitars, and a rhythm section that pulses with an irresistible drive, collectively conjures an enchanting auditory experience. Each note, each chord, meticulously placed, paints a vivid canvas that is at once retro and refreshingly contemporary. photo by John Johnson

At the heart of this sonic tapestry lies Powell’s laconic yet subtly echoing vocals—a guiding force that lends cohesion to the multifaceted arrangement. Tom Powell’s true genius, however, is unveiled through his deft melody crafting; an instantaneously memorable tune that gracefully swells and retreats, cloaked in a beguiling simplicity. The care and precision invested in every melodic arc is palpable, beckoning the listener to embark on a journey where body movement becomes an instinctive response to the captivating soundscapes.

“Play It Cool” stands as a masterclass in sonic equilibrium. The interplay between the driving bass lines and the ringing guitar riffs fuses seamlessly, forging a uniformity that brims with uncontainable energy yet maintains an air of laid-back sophistication. Through the lens of psych-rock prisms, Tom Powell aka demonstrates his prowess in creating vocal hooks that ensnare the senses, and a palpable sonic allure that envelops listeners within the song’s expansive embrace.

One cannot help but acknowledge the intricate artistry woven into “Play It Cool” – an intricate tapestry that interweaves originality, forward-thinking production, and a respectful nod to the legacies of the past. The track’s allure is undeniably magnetic, compelling listeners to revisit it incessantly, each engagement revealing new layers of its intricate composition. has masterfully crafted an auditory groove that has the potential to engulf any willing audience – a harmonious testament to the power of musical authenticity.

Beyond its musical captivation, “Play It Cool” houses a profound message – a sharp riposte to an era consumed by an insipid culture. In a world dominated by endless scrolls of superficial content, Tom Powell’s creation offers a necessary respite – an urgent call to disengage from the noise, embrace humility, and navigate life with serene composure. A poignant reminder that our existence is fleeting, and authenticity stands as the antidote to a life of pretense.

Tom Powell aka photo by John Johnson

The pedigree behind “Play It Cool” is nothing short of illustrious. The synergistic efforts of Tom Powell and his father, Steve Powell (known for their contributions to The Strands, John Power, and The Stairs), form the foundation of this musical endeavor.

The mixing prowess of Roy Merchant (credited with artists like Omar, M.I.A, and Basement Jaxx) and the mastering finesse of Howie Weinberg (recognized for his work with Nirvana, Kasabian, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers) elevate the single’s sonic profile. Tom Powell’s instrumental dexterity shines as he assumes roles on vocals, guitar, and bass, complemented by the drumming finesse of Jake Woodward (of Nova Twins and Peter Perrett fame).

Amplifying the allure of the single is its accompanying music video – a captivating homage to the iconic cinema of Quentin Tarantino and Tony Scott, particularly their collaboration “True Romance.” The visual narrative invites viewers on an exhilarating escapade to Mexico, following the exploits of “Alaska Hitman” and “Terence Swirly” after a bold heist. Amidst the mechanical turmoil of a broken-down Cadillac, a fleeting moment of intimacy blossoms, encapsulating the essence of “Play It Cool” in a visually stunning tableau.

In summation,’s “Play It Cool” radiates as an artistic triumph – a harmonious convergence of eras, musical ingenuity, and a profound message. Tom Powell’s deft touch as both a composer and a performer is undeniable, rendering the single an auditory journey that remains etched in memory.

As the soundwaves of “Play It Cool” reverberate, they carry forth an invitation: to savor the authenticity, to revel in the music, and to embrace the impermanence of life with a genuinely cool demeanor. The single anticipates’s upcoming debut album, ‘Eternity.’


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