Owl Hunter & Yahesa Guav – “Home (Leave the Light On)” will sweep you away with its melancholic, yet uplifting sonic delights

Owl Hunter is an independent musician from Australia. During lockdown he started a collaboration project, working with singers from places around the world we don’t get to hear from enough. The first release features Yahesa Guav, a young woman from Pakistan. The song “Home (Leave the Light On)”, has been executed with consummate artistry, and there is something uniquely special about the sound the two collaborators present on this single. The result is both intimate and immensely rewarding.

“Home (Leave the Light On)” contains vociferous elements of chill and downtempo electronica. It is dark, brooding and haunting. Owl Hunter’s reflective soundscape complements Yahesa Guav’s haunting vocals perfectly which its restrained flavors, as it keeps a wonderful ethereal rhythm throughout. With every twist and turn, the song grows stronger in narrative and composition, though it stays consistent and mellow in tone. It’s a thought-provoking record.

Yahesa’s voice is velvety and poetic, earthy and soul-stirring, all at once, as the lyrics feel like word paintings, weaving more threads into the tapestry; adding more color to the texture. There’s lots to think about in the narrative, and great music to do it too. It makes a powerful case for Owl Hunter and Yahesa Guav operating at the top of their game, not only in the music production, but in lyrics too, as well as adding a resonating voice and knowing how to use it.

The opening lines are enough to provoke deep thought: “I believe there’s a place far from here, where I can be me without the tears. I believe I can see it for what it is, and be comfortable lost in the fears.” The song’s aesthetic is striking, its richly orchestrated percussive arrangement nudges up powerfully alongside atmospheric, gently played keys, while Yahesa Guav’s voice is given plenty of space in which to seduce.

“Home (Leave the Light On)” is real music, about real people, dealing in real emotion. With Owl Hunter’s song unencumbered by a cluttered arrangement, the narrative truly breathes, as Yahesa Guav articulates her words throughout the song, making its messages palpable and clear. “I believe one day I’ll stand, head to head with everything I planned. I’ll be there in the end. So leave a light on, because one day I’ll be home.”

“Home (Leave the Light On)” is a devastatingly beautiful record, which conjures up a wistful pastoral mood driven by the blissful musical arrangement, and the coaxing charm and warmth of the vocals. The song will sweep you away with its melancholic, yet uplifting sonic delights. The production has a vintage analogue-like roundness to it, which only enhances the experience. It grounds the track, along with the vocals which never fluctuate, making it memorable

Whether this surprising duo will collaborate again, or where Owl Hunter will take us next in his collaborations, I’m uncertain, but if it’s as seductively bewitching as this song, I will continue to follow Hunter’s musical journey.


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