Oliver Monroe: “Power To The Music” is the prescription for your 80’s and 90’s rock and metal fever!

“Power To The Music” is the first solo-album by Munich-based singer Oliver Monroe. Known for his work with the band MEROE, Oliver recruited guitarists BC Sleaze (Shameless) and Tracy G (ex-DIO) along with old band mate Tommy Wagner (current drummer for Cherie Currie) to record and co-write the songs for his new project. “Power To The Music” is released worldwide on May 6th through iTunes and Amazon. The album is a full on sonic treat of hair metal delight to the ears.

The first track, “Don´t Waste Your Time” sets the tone for the rest of the album, and a few things become clear. Oliver Monroe means business, the guitars are tight and clean, the production is better than expected, and the vocals sound aggressive, and pack a powerful punch.  The second track, “Wasted White Boy”, really gets the party rolling. This is a nice metal groove where the layered guitars, sparkling lead solos, the verses and anthemic choruses make this song a winner. The third track, “Yeah Yeah”, brings old school, sing-along rock n’ roll feelings. This is followed by the title track, “Power To The Music” – a crunching mid tempo rocker with a good guitar solo, and another big, robust sing-along chorus. 4 out for 4, so far so good!

The album cover artwork
The album cover artwork

The 5th track, “Break The Law”, is the kind of metal song you listen to as you are driving down the Autobahn. A nice paced groove lead by the bass and drums on the verses, and followed yet again by a strong chorus line. “They Keep Their Eye On You” is pure 90’s arena rock rready-to-go. The call and response chorus will have you longing for acid washed jeans and checkered vans. Oliver Monroe is the prescription for your 80’s and 90’s rock and metal fever!

“Motherfucker” is a fast-paced, stomping rock and roller, which is followed by the funky groove-rocker of a tune, “Don’t Love Me”, which has a surprising verse melody. The classic slow-burning power-ballad song, the type that smashed the radio charts during the 80’s and 90’s, pops its head up in the guise of “Hey You”, while the album closes with the melodic, tempo-changing “You Make It”Oliver Monroe and his band are able to keep a pumping groove, maintain a retro feel, and also sound modern throughout the album. The ability of the guitarists to play tasteful solos, using great effects, and only using the notes needed and that actually fit each song, without any excess fat, is pure wizardry!

This is everything you could want in a hard rock and metal album with a retro feel. Head banging, fist pumping music, loads of melody and anthemic, sing-along choruses which make way for some tasty guitar work and some Oliver Monroe screams, all which give you the shiny finish to an awesome album. If you miss 80’s hair metal, or 90’s arena rock, you need this album. This is not only Oliver Monroe and his band at their finest; it’s also Hard Rock and Metal at its finest. You should own it, and you should play it loud!!!


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