Natalie Jean – ‘Blocked’ lays the foundations for an exuberant, emotional and powerful vocal performance

From making her start as a powerhouse singer-songwriter, Natalie Jean has always displayed an enormous versatility in her genre stylings and vocal performances. Her brand-new single ‘Blocked’ builds upon this breadth of knowledge and experience by introducing a unique sonic landscape. Natalie’s voyage has effortlessly blended anything from  melodic pop to authentic country sensibilities. On this single, she is setting down in stone that Americana is a style of art she can create effortlessly. Natalie Jean has a unique talent for building sass and exquisite hooks into her tracks, regardless of the style she is working in. Moreover, she can sing in English, French, Spanish and Haitian Creole.

The Haitian singer-songwriter has been nominated for and won many awards for her music, including 6 nominations at the 2021 Josie Music Awards, in which she won “World Artist of The Year”. She has also won two gold medals at the Global Music Awards.

Most recently, she won Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting for her song “I Told You No” in the Great American Songwriting Contest in the Adult Contemporary Category and a Silver Medal in the 2021 Global Music Awards for Female Vocalist. She also won Americana Artist of The Year at the Indie Music Channel Awards.

Natalie Jean

‘Blocked’ brings Natalie Jean’s incredible raw vocals to the forefront, while the organic Americana instrumentation lays the foundations for an exuberant, emotional and powerful vocal performance. It is a brilliant display of how the fluidity of her performances can allow the artist to produce accolade-worthy works of musical art. It is evident that Natalie – a voting member in the Recording Academy – was born to thrive in her passion.

“Blocked” is sure to garner further traction for the singer-songwriter. The lyrics tackle the social media theme, and is accompanied by a vivid and fiery production that is immensely compelling. As always, Natalie Jean has again captured magic in a bottle with this single.

More than anything, Natalie seems to be in her element on “Blocked”, and having a raucously good time doing so. For an artist, who has flirted around the edges of different genres, Natalie Jean seems to have finally carved her own, rightful place in the musical landscape. The result is something special.

“Hope you’re not shocked, but you just got blocked. Go cry about it on TikTok. Guess what, your time is up. Cause you just got blocked,” exclaims Natalie Jean, as she unfold the narrative. Her passion and enthusiasm is overflowing here.

While many other artists have tried to fabricate the role of a lyrical savant, it’s the authentic songwriting on “Blocked” that puts Natalie in a league others rarely play in. In a music world full of curated images and fabricated lyrics, there is no denying that Natalie Jean is the real deal.

As she continues to grow into a formidable artist, it is important for Natalie that she merges her influences and sounds, to make music she is truly proud of and reflects who she is.

Vocally, the songstress possesses a strong, naturally pleasing voice perfectly suited for this material, with a lot of raw, earnest charisma shining through. “Blocked” is wonderfully produced and impressive in its delivery, and will no doubt earn Natalie Jean a continued legion of fans…and another round of awards!


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