Musicians from different parts of the world collaborate on SOZIALES HETZWERK

Jim, the lead singer, songwriter and musician, releases the first album of his new project SOZIALES HETZWERK on May 1st, 2020. The record moves in the genres of German rock, punk and alternative, and was created in collaboration with numerous guest musicians. Collaborations with numerous musicians from different parts of the world such as Mexico, Chile, USA, Venezuela, Germany etc. make the new disc an international project. The self-written and self-produced album, which started pre-sales on April 23rd, officially releases on May 1, 2020.

More detailed information about the contributors:

Mixing: Dorian Quäl (Germany)

Drums: Bruno Melro (Portugal)

Alfonso Leal (Mexico)

Farris Brooks (USA) Jake Naugle (USA)

Piano: Rainer Jadischke (South Africa)

Harmonica: Hector Ruano (Venezuela)

Guitar: Lukky Sparxx (Chile)

Song 1 (“Leise”) –
Song 2 (“Soziales Hetzwerk”) –

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