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Mikee Wade Releases The Single – “Beautiful Memories”

Mikee Wade is a musician and electronic artist who has his brand new track  “Beautiful Memories”, which is out right now. The single  can be streamed on Spotify and Soundcloud. As a vehicle for Dance, Pop and EDM music “Beautiful Memories” is a glowing success. It is a well-constructed song that serves to reinforce his emerging identity as a forward thinking artist and producer.

Mikee Wade
Mikee Wade

The track blends crisp hoover synths with rich instrumentals and vocals, resulting in a crossover fusion with full-on mass appeal. Boasting a stylistic balance, Mikee Wade’s sound is the kind that is instrumental in helping EDM reaching mainstream audiences. If you’re looking for some real electronic-focused Pop and Dance tunes, Wade’s got them for you.

Front-to-back, “Beautiful Memories” is enjoyable. If you approach Mikee Wade’s  projects with intentions of finding a blend of crisp crossover sounds, great sonic engineering, and all the other trendy buzz words thrown around modern dance today, to describe refined electronic music, you’ll be fully satisfied.

Listen to “Beautiful Memories” for its catchiness. Listen to “Beautiful Memories” for its approachable sound. Listen to “Beautiful Memories” for the introspective story-line. You’ll be glad you did!


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