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Michael Reddington: “The Choices Of Few” – 1966 is just a play button away!

Last night listening to “Revolver” was a revolutionary experience – a completely different level of Beatles music. I have the original album and I’ve listened to that probably a solid 100-150 times so I have a pretty good experience in Revolver’s sound. Let me tell you, this version sounds incredibly better than it did in 1966!  “The Choices Of Few” is like a completely different, and way better, song than it was on the album. McCartney’s voice sounds so clear and crisp, as does the mix, and the chorus is amazing too…hey, wait a minute! I don’t remember this track being on the album!

Michael Reddington
Michael Reddington

Damn, now I get it. That wasn’t my good old stereo playing. I just hit the play button on my laptop (which is connected to my ‘good old stereo by the way), and the song playing is actually brand new. It is the new release by Brit alternative rocker Michael Reddington.

For those who don’t know Michael, he is like a hybrid between Noel Gallagher and the Beatles. He got the melodicism from the fab four, while he inherited the angst pop edge from Gallagher. Of course around those two elements he has constructed his own rock n’ roll formula, which can be savored on his EP ‘You Find Out On Your Own’, or his previous single, “GREEN”.

This time around, though, Reddington is just a little more retro sounding, and even more authentic than he has ever been. In fact this doesn’t sound derivative at all, it sounds like the real deal, all by itself. But Michael has always sounded authentic when it comes to the writing and performing of his songs. This time around there seems to be a retro sonic aura pervading the entire recording.

Which leads me to believe that something magic happened in the studio, either with the way the track was recorded or by way of the equipment used. I may be totally wrong of course, but that’s my sensation. Because it’s much more than just the melody, the lyrics or the arrangement – the instrumentation sounds like it walked out of a 1966 corner music shop.

Either way, if you have a penchant for The Beatles or Oasis music, and you’re aching for new stuff, well your only hope is Michael Reddington. Plus he comes packaged without all the arrogant Gallagher bullshit! Hopefully he’ll stay that way when fame and fortune comes knocking at his door – which by my reckoning is not a long way off now, judging by the quality of “The Choices Of Few”.


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