Lyndon Rivers: “Make You Feel Good”- a marquee of catchy riffs and a vibrant spacious atmosphere

EDM – a fine art in the sense that it’s a masterful way to dictate the energy and atmosphere of a room full of ravers. But not so much in the eyes of the average critical and analytic music buff, whose home lies in well-crafted, live instrumentation and audacious songwriting. Usually, electronic dance always has a habit of throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at the listener. This happens with the volume turned up to eleven and an explosive electronic riff usually substituting for the refrain.

But then you have exceptions such as Australian adopted songwriter and producer Lyndon Rivers. His latest track “Make You Feel Good” is a melodic and unique, old school take on a genre usually filled with loud noises.

The track’s marquee of catchy riffs, vibrant and spacious atmosphere and ensemble of incredible female vocal talent will be a crowd-pleaser for casual listeners. There’s never an array of many different electronic melodies flying at once.

There aren’t any loud drums or earth-shaking bass to be found. There is only the attractive craftsmanship of Lyndon Rivers and his ability to create soulful songs out of the same “verse-buildup-drop” structure of the traditional EDM track. He accomplishes this electronic music production by regressing to simply a melody and its chords.

Another strength of “Make You Feel Good” stems from the amazing vocal talent featured on the track, who kicks out some fun and enchantment. The track’s songwriting itself is there, existing as a substantial weight on the enjoyment of the lyrically-minded audiences.

This song forges well-crafted, upbeat electronic music that keeps to the form of the traditional EDM song structure, while avoiding the precarious jumping of the shark. Throughout its length, it delivers an uplifting experience through a minimalist synth style of production that creates a space of elation and composure in the otherwise noisy world of electronic music.

“Make You Feel Good” is backed by strong and stunning performances and production. For the average EDM listener used to the big sounds and heavy lines, this will do the trick. For the songwriters’ crowd, it will be a piece of sweet edible cake, while for the casual listener, it will be nothing less than a dancing delight!


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