Lyndon Rivers: “Bring It To Me” Ft Rachel Clark – where will he go next?

Perth based English Songwriter-Producer Lyndon Rivers has been rising sharply through the ranks, to be one of the most formidable producers and performers in the underground Dance scene. With his new single “Bring It To Me” Ft Rachel Clark [From the UK], Rivers draws the listener into a world of pure and unparalleled Tribal House fun. This track entirely produced by Lyndon Rivers, is unrelenting in its quest for cheery, good mood commercial dance music. His eccentric taste and non-conformist and multifaceted approach to production is what helps set him apart as he mixes the old school with the new.

In this this case Rachel Clark’s vocal chants are pretty much old school disco-funk, while underneath it , Rivers has constructed a type of modern and minimum Tribal House soundscape that leans heavily on percussion and bass. His try-anything, be-everywhere ubiquity continues to reflect itself in an endlessly growing list of vocal collaborators, last in chronological order being Clark.

Personally, I’m not convinced that her phrasing style is the perfect fit for this type of song, considering all the different voices Rivers has squeezed into his tracks over the years, but Clark has a powerful set of pipes and does give a different perspective to River’s perpetual steamrolling beat, and maybe that’s exactly what he wanted.

Lyndon Rivers is nothing if not a master of restraint; he knows exactly the right ways to bring genres together in a format that appeal to nearly anyone who hears his music. He puts a bubbling beat here, a spastic rhythm there, and a soaring chorus everywhere so that anyone and everyone can be motivated to move.

It’s a solid, well put together track, and definitely the sort of artist statement you would expect of somebody as eclectic as Rivers. It’s got his trademark sounds without slipping too far one way or another and breathes new life into genres which are frankly in dire need of a pick-me-up.

Color bursts from the edges of the track, carrying less interest in subtlety but more in dynamic range. The production pops like a seismic charge: It goes deep to the edge of explosion.

I first heard of Lyndon Rivers, maybe 2 years ago with his song “Gotta Feeling” ft. Nika Nova, which was a very catchy electro tune. Since then, he’s produced several huge anthems, which has now led to “Bring It To Me” Ft Rachel Clark – A song that not only drags you along for the ride, but coaxes you into the spirit of wondering where he is going next.


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