LyLirra is back with the EP – “Untold Stories”

LyLirra is back, with an absolute rock-star determination. This star on the rise just released “Untold Stories” the EP. This is his most recent project since his collaboration with Famous Dex on “Melodies”. Untold Stories contains 5 tracks, recorded, mixed and mastered all by the artist himself. This project contains sounds that have a chill laid back vibe mixed with energy on the beat. Ly’s ability to make catchy hooks has played a major role in his stardom.

Three hits from this EP are ‘Runner”, “I’m So” and “Automatic”. Toronto the Canadian music capital has picked up on Ly’s sound. Blog pages have recognized his music by reposting him on formidable Instagram’s. This is LyLirra’s first project, it represents his sound and his ability to flow on the beat. If you haven’t listened or subscribed, you should because his talent is explosive.

This EP caught the eye of hip hop artist FRVRFRIDAY, he posted “Runner” on his Instagram story. From listening to “Untold Stories” and discussing with other sources the song “Runner” seems to be the most popular from this project. We will see the progress of this EP within the next couple of weeks. Very excited to hear and see more from LyLirra.

“Not gonna lie it took me time to record the project, especially since I did all the mixing and mastering myself but that’s nothing new,” says LyLirra. “I really aimed to give every song its own sauce and vibe. I am excited to see which songs people gravitate towards. Overall I hope the listeners enjoy this EP”

“Untold Stories” is streaming everywhere now!


Rick Jamm

Journalist, publicist and indie music producer with a fervent passion for electric guitars and mixing desks !

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