Listen to This Disney Original with a Regional Mexican Style by Joni Sandez ft. Selene Canchola

Joni Sandez, with his modern guitar style, in the Regional Mexican genre, adds a whole new twist to this Disney original from Aladdin. We’ve heard many different bands and solo artists give their interpretations of Disney Originals in the past years. More have been released now than ever, due to the fact that many of the classic original films have been re-released.

We’re used to hearing the original descending violins in the intro to “A Whole New World” but Joni Sandez’s melancholic guitars add a sense of inspiration still as it starts with heartfelt strings that give intro to Sandez’s voice that begins with “I can show you the world…”

Selene Canchola from Mariachi Alma del Sol also debuts as a solo artist in this song with Joni Sandez. Her potent Mariachi voz can be heard belting her lungs out at the chorus singing “A Whole New World.”

Listen to a Whole New World by Joni Sandez:

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