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Klef Mikaydo: “My System” exhibits exceptional energy, soulfulness, and swag

Californian urban contemporary standout, Klef Mikaydo, delivers another sensational, sensual effort on his highly-anticipated single, “My System”, which the first track off his upcoming EP. The R&B and Hip-hop, singer-songwriter and producer’s previous releases all reeked of superbly high quality, both in writing and production, and this new track sticks to the same shining quotients.   “My System” begins with a bang, literally. The production is lush, rich in a variety of sounds.  This sound is clearly characteristic of Klef Mikaydo – eclectic and sexy through and through. Vocally, he delivers a complete, passionate, and soulful performance. The chorus provides an excellent lift, as Klef rides the beat like a champ. In addition to the awesome production work, the groove is a major selling point.

Vocally, Klef Mikaydo consistently exhibits exceptional energy, soulfulness, and swag. Artistically, he understands his musical identity and niche, continuing to excel without a doubt.  The smooth, soulful track benefits from snappy snare and hi-hat cues. Klef’s eclectic script is alive and well here.

“My System” is an instant eargasm, finding the artist growing animalistic in reference to his sexual desires. His vocals are steeped in the carnal, yielding one of his strongest and lustiest performances of his career yet.  Clearly, he’s being sexual to the ninth degree, but it’s all in the name of love.

Throughout the course of “My System”, Klef is outspoken, explicit and commanding, and clearly on autopilot.  Klef’s voice is like smooth cream being poured over strawberries, as he weaves deep romantic references between declarations of lust. Thematically, amplified by the accompanying music, this is more than a simple bedroom jam – it goes deeper.

Klef has matured so much as a songwriter; with both his bluntness and sensibility showcasing his strengths, as well as his vulnerabilities throughout the song. Oozing confidence, maturity, and self-awareness, the artist is not afraid to bare his soul and take a stand.

The lustful energy of “My System” allows Klef Mikaydo to be more explicit, yet more accessible and better than ever. Klef proves that we can acknowledge our relationship realities while still delving into the carnal heat of our respective fantasies.

Klef’s voice is so malleable that he can make the listener feel every emotion at once. He delivers the lyrics in a slightly off-kilter conversational way that makes the track unique, and undeniably his. “My System” is a track that looks inward and outward to move forward, and it does it with grace, wisdom, and a whole lot of sexiness.

How does Klef Mikaydo do it? How does he consistently top himself release after release? The multi-skilled R&B crooner’s latest release, “My System”, is his most intriguing and most excellent effort yet.

The production work is superb, the vocals top-rate, and the songwriting on-point. It’s no surprise that Klef Mikaydo is praised as one of the most interesting underground urban contemporary artists out there.

MORE ABOUT: Klef Mikaydo who previously went under the moniker G.Klef, writes and produces all of his works, which he releases through his independent label EliteStar Empire. The Californian artist who started to compose music at the age of 9 soon learned to play the drums and enhance his vocals. By middle school he had learned to play the tenor saxophone and trombone, and was soon introduced, via a friend, to software programs such as Fruity Loops and Reason, which offered him the essentials tools he needed to move his recording career ahead. From there we can witness his artist evolution on every subsequent release.


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