Jagger Halverson – “Simple Acts of Kindness” – proof that the core human values do still exist

11 year-old Jagger Halverson has found a great amount of success in both modeling, acting and commercial/voiceover work through his affiliation with NY Models and CESD Talent Agency. However the young lad has an insatiable desire to explore and blend his creativity, sharing it with the world.  Jagger was drawn to the guitar at an early age, almost instantly finding an affinity to it expressive elements. Playing and singing soon became a daily obsession. It of course was an advantage to have inherited his musical gift from his father, while at the same time being inspired by his dancing mom.

Jagger Halverson was particularly attracted to the music of The Beatles, memorizing many of their songs. His musical enlightenment also included assuming the defining characteristics of his namesake, and front-man of The Rolling Stones. Now armed with the gift of ear-warming melody and song, as well as the unabashed inclination to place himself in front of an audience, Jagger Halverson has released his new single, “Simple Acts of Kindness”.

“Simple Acts of Kindness” which features backing vocals by Tyler Halverson, was written by Bruce David Martin and Tara Somerville. The record was Produced and Recorded by Brian Halverson, and Re-mastered at Caelum Music Production, LLC by Dante Lattanzi.

While most of pop continues to succumb to bombastic arrangements, overwhelming trap-inspired instrumentation, and hazy vocal squawking, the production crew here, bring a smooth, warm and organic sonic backdrop to match Jagger Halverson’s gently inviting, mellifluous voice, and unshakable confidence.

It’s hard to even put Jagger Halverson on any teen-pop or child star list, when he seems to be operating on his own playing field. Over and above he’s sensibly mature sound, he also distinguishes himself throughout the song’s narrative. While many adolescent stars are already caught up in themes of negativity, and risky or illegal behaviors, Jagger delivers thoughtful and comforting words of positive kindness.

Tapping into the desire for more socially-conscious pop, especially in our current climate of social distancing, which only added to our already alienating behavior towards fellow citizens, long before quarantine restrictions were even contemplated in our daily lives, “Simple Acts of Kindness” attempts to make us aware of the simple acts of kindness we could easily perform to make this world a better place.

As the younger singers of today continue to shift towards mimicking their fully grown peers in every possible way, Jagger Halverson is part of a different breed of aspiring pop stars, who position themselves as outsiders, filter their pondered lyrics through beautifully warm productions and don’t paint themselves into any invalidating corners. Jagger epitomizes the opposite of the paint-by-numbers pop movement.

Jagger Halverson, and “Simple Acts of Kindness” speaks to music fans who have grown tired of the typical radio fare – the debauchery, the misogyny, and the hedonism – and the grim outlook we have on the potential of our youth to change the world.

Jagger is proof that the core human values do still exist, and they can still be shared with the world in a pop song. Even at such a young age, Jagger Halverson’s voice defines his sound, and he clearly knows what he wants to convey in his music.


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