In Silent Agony: “Treacherous” – thundering metal soundscapes with meaning!

After the critically acclaimed EP, “Villainous”, In Silent Agony, a project by Eski, who performs all instruments and vocals, as well as handling production and recording duties, is back with his sophomore EP project, “Treacherous” which the promo notes describe as ‘the art of Villainy has been taught, now it’s time for a lesson in Treachery’. With a few exceptions most bands can barely put a decent album together. Then there is In Silent Agony – a one-man project who is in a whole different category. I didn’t think he could top the brilliant “Villainous” and not only did he top it, he blew it away!

“Treacherous” quite simply put is a metal masterpiece – with the first listen I just sat in awe! Every detail, every note, flawless right down to the cello performed by Kakophonix on “Our Darkest Shadows” just flows seamlessly. Six tracks of well-crafted metal and heavy rock with death growls and soaring melodies.

Musically the EP shows bone-crushing and expressive guitar work, with chunky riffs and a rhythm section that creates driving beats. Even when the music gets heavy as hell In Silent Agony still holds a form of ambience untouched by fellow Death Metal bands – atmospheric yet so brutal all in one dose!

Fans of this artist have come to expect nothing less than constant evolution from In Silent Agony and that is precisely what Eski has delivered, but in ways no one could have anticipated: the hooks in “Fear” are immediately seared into your brain, riffs that take just one listen to fully lodge themselves in your consciousness and vocals that are growled both heavily and beautifully.

On “The Killage”, In Silent Agony again finds a way to add even more depth and enjoyment to its already hefty sound. Eski takes what he does best, he morphs and spins it and creates an absolutely thundering metal soundscape to challenge your complacent existence.

In Silent Agony delivers heavy and uncompromising technical and extreme metal for real metal-heads on “Disenchantment”. This is monstrous and complete sonic bliss. Put it through a good audio quality system and you will be absolutely blown away by the sound. You’ll soon realize that the best is left for last when “Our Darkest Shadows (ft. Kakophonix)” kicks in.

All of the beloved qualities of In Silent Agony are here in full force – the thunderous, shuddering guitar tones, the dizzyingly complex and mechanical drums, the oddly-cycling riffs that seem to avoid beginnings or ends, and of course the supremely nuanced vocal growls and unbelievably groovy rhythms. Add to this the dynamic cello playing and you have a multidimensional listening experience.

“Treacherous” is definitely yet another convincing argument for In Silent Agony rhythmic prowess and metal virtuosity. But what’s most impressive to me about this project isn’t the virtuosity. The music definitely does succeed on varying levels with all of the polyrhythms and riff cycling, but the true success of Eski and In Silent Agony is the ability to turn all of that complexity into something visceral that can be enjoyed regardless of your understanding of what’s going on under the hood!


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