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Häx Han – “As Above, So Below” – pulsing with resonant aesthetics, solid grooves, and endless creativity

Häx Han has been making music and played in bands since he was 14 years old. Electronic music production has always been his passion, and finally he has released his two-track EP, entitled “As Above, So Below”. “I draw my influences from all genres, House, Electro, Dubstep, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classical,” explains Han. “I am a fan of a beefy, distorted sounds, but I also enjoy beautiful, chilled melodies. My production style leans towards more electronic sounds, but I never forget where I come from, so I love to use some more organic sounds here and there,” he concludes.

The gritty, street sounding opening track “Twelve Rules” keeps rolling along nicely as it weaves in layers of sumptuous percussion with a rumbling, clipped bass and persistent piano motif. It’s a prime example of how Häx Han’s sound developed on this EP, sounding both full and rich, as well as bombastic and smooth.

“Twelve Rules” is propelled right into the here and now by the layers of percussion, synths and a monolithic bassline that would sound monumental growling from a sound system at a sun-drenched festival. The richness and warmth accentuated by the use of the piano continue through until the end. It’s a masterclass in eloquent, phat-sounding production.

The second track, “5:29:35 AM” is entirely its own thing and perfects the blend between downtempo and house sounds superbly. It’s a track that doesn’t chase any current trends nor try to emulate what anybody has done before. It sounds like Häx Han has successfully found a way to grow and invent, while expressing his core musical ideals.

“5:29:35 AM” has hidden depths that gradually reveal themselves after repeated listens and an all-encompassing attitude that sees the worlds of various electronic sounds collide. It’s abrasive, driven, and unrelenting, as grandiose synths wrap themselves around beating percussion. The track is epically cinematic in places, forging dramatic sonic sweeps.

Many upcoming producers simply seek to replicate successful templates in a quest for easy popularity, and maybe a quick pathway to the bank. Then there are those with class, innovation and a true love for the art they have chosen to create and curate. Häx Han seemingly falls into this second category. The most important feature of these tracks is Häx Han’s obvious love for the tracks he has created.

Both “Twelve Rules” and “5:29:35 AM” are allowed to breathe and to fully present themselves to the listener. This isn’t just about the Producer and his dexterity, but about the music itself. You are allowed to settle in and take stock absorbing each song as it unfurls, especially “5:29:35 AM, which has a longer runtime. Thick layers of syncopated percussion evoke infectious energy, while a powerful synth and bass core provides atmospheres that sweep you away.

The refreshing lack of pretense that undergirds “As Above, So Below” is awe-inspiring. Häx Han has developed refined electronic music, pulsing with resonant aesthetics, solid grooves, and endless creativity.


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