Gary Pratt – Something Worth Remembering” – real country music, done at the highest level!

Released on March 28th, 2021, “Something Worth Remembering” is the new album from Pittsburgh country artist Gary Pratt, out via MTS Records. “I picked that title because of my Brother’s death a few years back,” explains Pratt. “The whole album is about my life. From learning to not be afraid of going for what you want – to heartbreaks and break-ups – to my drinking days, to finding true love, to knowing God has the plan – and to the last song – we have to do the right things, look for good in others, that there is more good in life than bad and those are the things that should be remembered.”

“Something Worth Remembering” includes eleven tracks, six written by Gary, and five written by some of country music’s top hit writers. The album was produced by Bryan Cole, engineered by Doug Kasper, and it features backing vocals from another couple of shining MTS Records artists, Matt Westin and #1 international iTunes charting artist, Savannah.

Gary Pratt has never been one for flashiness. He’s stuck to his guns and continued to make steady and soulful country music. His tastefulness is obvious from the moment you see the cover for the album.  Pratt is telling you that he’s going to be doing solid, heavy duty work as he transports a load of memories from the past right to your door. For an album that’s this sturdy, ad weighty anything other than that timeless cover wouldn’t work.

As you might expect of an album titled “Something Worth Remembering”, it packs in more than just a few reflective moments filled with nostalgia, wistfulness, anger and heartbreak, among other affecting sentiments. Regardless of where he’s going lyrically, Gary Pratt brings to each successive tune a rugged assuredness and a steely resolve. There’s never any doubt that he means what he says, and his rock-solid supporting cast of singers and musicians is ever in the pocket.

Right from the opening track, “You Gotta Jump In”, you know that this is real country music, done at the highest level. Gary Pratt lyrics tell compelling stories, and his vocals are resonant, layered, and soulful. The guitars crunch and wail all throughout this album, and are thoroughly impacting on “Before Someone Gets Hurt”, “Sounds Like Whiskey To Me”,  “Til Your Boots Are Dirty”, and “Country To The Bone”. But they are really excellent on any track you care to drop the needle on.

Just like the greatest country singers, Gary Pratt is at his best when he lays the grit of his voice into the slower tracks, so expect to be wowed by the slow burning emotion on cuts like “When It’s Our Love That’s Lost”,  the duet with Savannah Nider, “To Find Us”, and the title track, “Something Worth Remembering”. The musical texture of the songs vary considerably, but the muscular guitar-bass-drums formula is ever-present. Everything is perfectly arranged to achieve a fully fleshed out and lush, but never overproduced sound.

“Something Worth Remembering”, places Gary Pratt in a tradition of song-craft that aspires – and reaches – a level of artistic achievement often lacking in contemporary country music. If you’re looking for authentic country music with a hard-edged sound, this album is it.


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