Fifth – “Cost of Doin’ Business” – this type of unflinching artistry deserves an audience

Fifth is an artist who has bars and knows how to spit lyrical content…better than most you will find nowadays. If you like artists with substance, then the Pittsburg, CA native is your man. Fifth, whose moniker is the suffix of his full name, has featured on the show “Leah Remini: Scientology and The Aftermath: The Jehovah’s Witnesses”. He is currently riding the wave of his latest single release – “Cost of Doin’ Business”. The whole track is well-produced and engineered. Everything from the instrumental to the vocals, are mastered properly and flow nicely. In addition to putting out a great sounding project, Fifth gets very introspective and personal, laying out his experiences and the devastating effects thereof.

Right out of the gate, “Cost of Doin’ Business” demonstrates its mettle, and when it gets to the halfway mark, the narrative reaches a philosophical apex: “I’d rather have questions I can’t answer, than answers I can’t question” – a more than veritable statement from Fifth, in a song that covers more ground in three minutes than most rappers’ entire mixtapes.

The beat exudes soul, offering depth you can feel in your chest, as Fifth affronts the theme of shunning. In an overcrowded hip-hop marketplace, this type of unflinching artistry deserves an audience.

Fifth’s flow and storytelling abilities are phenomenal, much like the famous ‘90s rappers. He brings the same deep-thinking energy. Right off the bat the mix on this track is crystal clear, the sound panning left and right behind Fifth’s vocal giving you a feel like his talking straight at you.

He keeps it simple and true. His perspective and the production fits the vibe too, where it feels like all the instruments and vocals play a major part in layering things for a bigger warmer sound.

The beat has all the vibes. The smooth bassline is foundation for a nice subtle kick and snappy handclaps to produce a steady slow bounce. The high-pitched female harmony croons in the background with a bittersweet feeling. This all sounds smooth as hell.

Finding the sweet spot in a record is an art, but the mood is so soulful and introspective on “Cost of Doin’ Business” that you just can’t miss it. I really love the thought process that went into this track, which helps give you the atmosphere of what Fifth details in his verses.

Fifth’s performance on “Cost of Doin’ Business” is a pure flex of his storytelling and lyrical ability. Fifth narrates his facts in a way that paints the perfect picture in your head. This joint has a personality.

Fifth is telling a story, which he excels at, over a dope beat with beautiful intermittent vocal croons in the background. And it works. Perfectly. This track is a beautiful heartfelt one which checks all the boxes a real hip-hop fan could hope for. Put this on your playlist, while you wait for the next one from Fifth!


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