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Dreams, Sacrifice, and Hope: Decoding the Two Mile Moon’s “Instruments”

In the pulsating heart of the Indie Rock scene, a vibrant force of raw talent emerges, spearheaded by the youthful dynamo of singer/songwriter Billy Muscatello. Two Mile Moon, the brainchild of this 22-year-old visionary, ignites a flame of unbridled passion for the live experience like no other. Their infectious melodies and energetic pop-rock anthems surge through the veins of their audience, leaving an indelible mark of euphoria. But here’s the thing: Two Mile Moon doesn’t just live for the live show; they thrive on it. They feed off the electric connection with their fans, pouring every ounce of conviction into every lyric sung and chord strummed, regardless of the size of the crowd before them.

Hailing from the musically fertile grounds of Cleveland, Ohio, Two Mile Moon sprouted its roots in late 2019. However, it was in 2022 that this project truly blossomed, courtesy of the release of their viral hit, “It’s Been Done Before.” This folk-punk-infused gem not only serves as a commentary on the ever-elusive pursuit of authenticity but also delves into the relentless struggle of finding new stories to tell and the unwavering perseverance required in the creative process. Since its release, this captivating tune has captured the hearts of listeners, amassing over 100,000 streams and counting.

Billy Muscatello

And now, as we find ourselves in the heart of 2023, Two Mile Moon charges ahead, fueled by an unquenchable fire and an unwavering commitment to their craft. Their latest single, “Instruments,” is a testament to the project’s artistic evolution and growth. Set against a backdrop of jangling guitars and a steady beat, this melody weaves a tapestry of sonic delights, with lusciously layered lead vocals and harmonies cascading through echoing layers. Prepare to be transported on a sonic journey, as the sound morphs effortlessly from smooth and mellow pop to vibrantly crunchy and raw indie-rock.

But it’s in the heart-wrenching lyrics of “Instruments” where project leader Billy Muscatello truly bares his soul. With profound honesty, he sing of selling all his instruments, a sacrifice he never anticipated making. It’s a poignant tale of trading dreams for stability, resigning oneself to a path that allows the childlike wonder within to wither away. Yet, amidst the pain, a glimmer of acceptance emerges, as he proclaims that for every guitar sold, a part of himself will depart—and that’s alright. Oh, if only his 17-year-old self had known the toll this pursuit of dreams would exact on his sanity.

“This is the day I leave it all behind,” proclaims Billy with resolute determination, bidding farewell to his naive past. Though once a wide-eyed child, he acknowledges his own blindness to the circumstances that besiege the life he yearns for. It’s a haunting realization, and with each instrument sold, a piece of his dreams crumble into dust, interred in the grave of what could have been.

Yet, amidst the dissonance, there lies a flicker of hope. “One day I will have something to give to the world,” he whispers with unwavering faith. These words echo in the depths of our souls, resonating with the universal desire to leave a lasting mark, to contribute something of substance to the collective human experience. Two Mile Moon stands tall, ready to forge a path and conquer the world.

Two Mile Moon illuminates the night sky with their boundless energy, their infectious melodies, and their unwavering commitment to the live experience. They are the torchbearers of a new generation, the architects of a sound that captivates hearts and souls. Embrace the journey, for in their music lies the power to transport you to untamed realms of sonic bliss. Two Mile Moon beckons you to join them as they navigate uncharted territories, leaving an indelible mark on the Indie Rock landscape—one resounding note at a time.


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