Dave Amigo – “Jeremy Lin” – building from his own blueprint!

Powered by Laflare Nation Records, “Jeremy Lin” is the new track by Dave Amigo, who is an emerging artist out of York, PA. While doing most of his musical acts in Philadelphia, alongside of R1, He has curated a strong presence in Pennsylvania’s untapped underworld of the music scene. On his latest single, Amigo sounds more subtle, melodic and assured than ever. He demonstrates a renewed understanding of the genre’s commercial winds and twists, and since the last time I heard him, for this track at least, Dave Amigo has toned down the abrasive grit usually associated with his performances. But he doesn’t leave a vacuum, instead he fills those gritty spaces with smoother melodic tones, on the song deejayed by up and coming fashion designer, Flacko Laflare.

The songwriter and rapper, Dave Amigo, is also a talented mood-crafter. He knows the words, production, and stylistic approach to present his perspective in ways that captivate. He brings a fresh take to past and current melodic hybrids, but with a pen and voice uniquely his. It’s easy to be another brick in the wall when all are cut by the same tools, but Dave Amigo is an artist building from his own blueprint.

More importantly, on “Jeremy Lin”, Dave Amigo has just over one minute to state his case and impact listeners with his skills. If this is his chance to prove himself to anyone questioning whether or not he’s here to stay, Amigo makes his point. He sounds great. The mood is excellent, the lyrics clever, and his voice cool, calm and collected, as runs the melody into a repetitive loop meant to hypnotize the senses.

The production on “Jeremy Lin” is beautifully minimal, but not bare, sitting in the background with a solid presence of keys and percussion, but without being overwhelming. Dave Amigos voice sits front and center, dominating the track, and making sure that the rhymes are heard loud and clear. As mentioned previously, this song isn’t long, but it strikes fast and hard. Amigo not only knows his sound but has the vision to bend it on this track.

Dave Amigo is keenly aware of his artistic strengths. It’s an awareness that shines throughout his work. This new single expands upon his previously winning templates without falling victim to any repetition. “Jeremy Lin” is unapologetically a Dave Amigo track, albeit less angsty and bombastic than tracks like “Party”, “Lil Baby”, or even the “Love Letter 2 My$elf” project.

As always, Dave Amigo makes no attempts at cloning anyone else in the game, he just went the extra mile to outdo himself. He found ways to rework his comfort zones, and brought out a new brand of personal magic on “Jeremy Lin”, creating a fresh space on which to shine, vocally and lyrically.

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