“Dancing On The Sun” – EsQuille featuring Bruno Alexander hurdles the track into another dimension!

Electronic dance culture was established around the idea of artistic collaborations. The original dub producers altered the work of reggae musicians with their sound systems, house DJs reworked disco tracks to create a more minimal vibe, Detroit’s techno pioneers took to the tables to further deconstruct the sound, and much-lauded tag-team sets allowed for DJs and producers to hone their craft and expand individual track selections.

Esquille-BrunoAlexander-RadioThere is a long heritage of influential pairings. And then there are the mavericks, the electronic anti-heroes who, without much pompous ado, single handedly push their genre to dizzying heights. DJ, Songwriter, Producer, Remixer, Sound and Mastering engineer from Sweden, Esquille, with a legacy of thirty years’ experience behind him, is no longer merely human, but a colossus of energy who makes music that has the power to lift clubs, entire festivals or massive stadiums toward unbridled euphoria.

Esquille’s latest single, “Dancing On The Sun”, featuring Bruno Alexander, is absolute proof of that fact. The track shows a more high-octane and adrenaline fuelled side to Esquille’s studio output. Opting for main stage energy, radio catchiness and experimental transitions whilst maintaining his strong signature melodic and bass hold on the genre, the track signals further evolution for the long serving DJ/producer and his renowned knack for quality productions.

An uplifting beat drives Bruno Alexander’s sweetly emphatic vocals and the killer synth hook will get stuck in your head and be a staple of the summer. Be prepared for this one to be played to death everywhere this season. Listening to the song, it comes as no surprise that Esquille’s productions have been in the charts of over 20 countries – from Asia, to Europe, and the US.

Esquille and Bruno Alexander hurdles the track into another dimension with a cruisy melody and pumping tones, all driven by a thick bassline. It’s moving but not forced, pressing but not pushy. Esquille keeps the track feeling upbeat and crisp but slightly progressive: focusing on punchy, quality sounds with funky guitar interludes.

Nothing is compromised; it just oozes the work of a soulful producer whilst still maintaining the catchiness and rhythmic punch we’ve come to expect. The real appeal of Esquille’s production is it requires minimal pre-listening before you are singing along to the tune and moving your body as if you have heard it all before.


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