Courtney Goodz – “Rudolf (Shake That A$$)” – a seamless mixture of seasonal flavors with extroverted sassiness!

Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a popular Christmas song and children’s story that was written by Robert L. May in 1939. The song tells the story of Rudolf, a young reindeer who is teased by the other reindeer because of his bright red nose. Despite this, Rudolf eventually becomes an important member of Santa’s team and helps guide his sleigh on Christmas Eve. There have been many different versions of the song recorded over the years, but now upcoming artist Courtney Goodz, hailing from Gary, Indiana, takes the song’s melodic foundation and creates her own seductive banger, entitled “Rudolf (Shake That A$$)”. So if you’re thinking the holiday vibes are over, hang tight because Courtney Goodz will definitely keep you in the mood for a little while longer with her latest release.

Wordplay and flow are important elements in rap music. The use of words and phrases in a way that is clever and humorous, often playing with the sounds and meanings of words is essential to a song like “Rudolf (Shake That A$$)”, and Courtney Goodz nails it with her performance as she makes a big deal of Rudolph’s nose and antlers in her sexy narrative.

Reputable for her unapologetic, fearless, and empowering music, she continues to flaunt her dexterous flow and fiery pen game, except this time she takes it up a notch. “Rudolf (Shake That A$$)” encapsulates a nostalgic flare in with a modern-day twist; a seamless mixture of seasonal flavors with extroverted sassiness. Setting the tone with a Christmas drop she begins to maneuver her naughty demeanor on a stand for all to hear.

Ultimately, this project is what you’d expect from a unique artist. Topped with whimsical punchlines, her hotshot persona, and smartass energy, Courtney Goodz turns the original sample of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer on its head with “Rudolf (Shake That A$$)”. This is for girls who want to have fun on their own terms. Housing a seductive punch, Courtney broadens and pushes her sound a little further than usual here.

“Rudolf (Shake That A$$)” is a product of fun, novelty and female empowerment. It runs the fundamentals of hip-hop through both a contemporary filter and a fictional Christmas character, which in itself is a stroke of true wit from Courtney Goodz. She knows that genres and styles in the modern era are meant to be bended and blended, into something innovative and refreshing.

“Rudolf (Shake That A$$)” proves there is a lot more to Courtney Goodz than her previous releases revealed. On this single, Courtney doesn’t sound concerned with putting out a crossover single or fitting in with any specific current trends; she’s just making the music she loves the most, while blending it in with classic themes which she twists into explicitly personal statements.

Stylistically, “Rudolf (Shake That A$$)” is a departure from most anything she’s done before. It’s a single she could have only made now, for obvious reasons, and the way Courtney Goodz pushes herself both artistically and personally throughout this song feels like a triumph.


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