Convey: “Night Sky” – rock that sweeps all over the board!

How does, what is probably the best indie alternative post-rock band in the world get better? Just listen to “Night Sky” the latest sigle by Convey, and you’ll understand why. If there’s one thing I have learned from listening to this band for a short while is that they’re continually challenging themselves to defy the status quo lesser bands would attempt to maintain.

Rather than copping out to any formula, they choose instead to invent new ways to approach a particular sound or style while retaining their musical integrity which is what they’ve succeeded with here. They, like their songs are larger than life, captivating and seemingly unstoppable in their forward motion to create excellence in popular music.

Convey is a complex group, progressive, even avant-garde in some ways. “Night Sky” is superb music making by members Ben Cohen, Jahan Rajabi and Cory Jurkiewicz. The song is well-crafted with sublime artistry to match. Here Convey specialize in walls of embroidered sound, like elaborate rock tapestries.

convey-680They play rock that sweeps all over the board, as you hear the smoldering bass-laden intro, and the fast-paced guitar picking that explodes into soaring vocal ecstasy above an ever shifting drum beat. There are some many classical and an operatic nuances in this arrangement that is almost incredible how easy and accessible the song sounds to the naked ear.

The music is incredibly dynamic, and seems to never lie still in any one place – not through the verses, bridges or the choruses. Even the lead melody is challenging, and I can only think of a handful of vocalists capable of handling the tones, timbres and incredible apex of sound that the Convey singer reaches here.

However, there are so many great moments on this track, I can hardly remember them all, like the explosive drumming in the bridge, or the counter guitar strumming in the same section. But all of this majestic playing and singing would be worthless with the songwriting, for I believe that it is herein that lays Convey’s greatest strength. The songs are what allow the band to explore and expand their technical wizardry.

Convey has to be one of the most unique and creative bands to come out in years. There have been others, like The Mars Volta or Rush, who count among my favorites, but Convey seems to be reaching their creative apex rather quickly. And I don’t think they’ve even released an official, full-length album yet, which is rather frightening if you come to think of it. If this is only just the start, where will they be expected to go next!


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