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Brielle Von Hugel: “Naked” will make you drop what you’re doing and pay attention

Brielle Von Hugel is very versatile and talented she has a sound that can channel anything from Adele to Mariah Carey and Joss Stone, plus a whole lot else in between. Brielle has what it takes to make it big in the hard fought world of popular music. Her voice is unique, her lyrics are genuine and her soundscapes do her justice too. She has plenty of videos on YouTube, so if you’re not familiar with her and are hesitant to try something new, check her out there. You’ll quickly come to enjoy her huge personality and talent. Then, go out and check her new single “Naked”. You’ll be glad you did.

A 21-year-old Staten Island native, Brielle has already competed on American Idol in Season 11. Signed to F.r.e.e.d.o.m. Records, this soulful singer has also garnered millions of YouTube viewers; she has performed at Madison Square Gardens and appeared in Billboard Magazine, and the New York Times.

But she is still moving forward relentlessly in her quest to live her dream to its fullest. Currently Brielle Von Hugel is working on a new EP, and to whet listeners’ appetites, she has dropped the heartrending, piano-driven ballad “Naked”, which is all about losing the masks and being who you really are.

“Naked is about finally letting go of your doubts and truly being your raw, unique, beautiful self for the first time,” says Brielle. “Living freely as you are and as you’re supposed to be! Knowing that you are worthy enough to conquer it all!”

With unusual voice qualities, and almost a little raspy, Brielle forges a fresh sound on “Naked”, one that isn’t some namby-pamby, run of the mill, sound-like-other-female-artists stuff. Her Lyrics are deeply emotional and sometimes raw.

I suspect Brielle has a voice that one would either love or totally die for. She can sound vulnerable, and then strong and secure two lines later. Featuring indelible piano rolls and some serious emotion in her vocals, this is a song that will make you drop what you’re doing and pay attention.

“Naked” also demonstrates Brielle Von Hugel’s ability to manipulate her voice into create striking contrast – the three vocal sections – verse, bridge and chorus –  in this song sound so distinct that they could just as well be three separate voices singing them.

Aside from being a testament to Brielle’s ability to nail a performance, “Naked” also demonstrates that her songwriting ability is strong and personal, as she penned the song together with Joseph Martino, Todd Schroeder, Laura Monaco.


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