April And The Drift – “Item For Sale” produces a compelling magnetism

The Australian based duo, April And The Drift, recently dropped their latest single, “Item For Sale”. Like a newly discovered wonder, their ethereal and chill sonics arrive onto the pop music scene with an appositionally diverse and off-kilter aural feel that will surprise and delight a wide number of musical aficionados. Songwriter and singer, April – originally from Denmark – spins her alchemy providing a center for the music; adding a sensual melancholy, a certain mystery and allure, as well a wistful airiness, all in one turn. She has the singular ability to morph her performance vocally into a mesmeric web of nuances, which produce a compelling magnetism.

Music arranger and producer, The Drift (Fidel Carmona) – originally from Spain – fills the sonic template with the disquieting brilliance of claustrophobic basslines, dark emotional strings and dynamic percussion, making the song that comes out of this process uniquely affecting. Presented is an exhibition of restraint and minimalism that somehow sounds epic and poignantly arousing, The Drift produces a wondrous work.

“Move with me now across the floor and say that you love me just once more. Put your arms around me and say that you’re sure she doesn’t mean nothing to you anymore. Just like an item is for sale and stone walls surround a prisoner’s jail, tell me I’m yours to keep and say that you’ll stay until the book’s complete,” sings April. Seductive and vulnerable, her voice lodges into your soul not letting go. Every note and breath perfectly placed to provide the feelings of fragility, insecurity, yearning, and desire.

Compared to the bombast you’re currently listening to on mainstream radio, “Item For Sale” may at first give you a quaintly whimsical feeling, but with each listen, it becomes more extraordinarily captivating.

April’s whispery vocal conveys all the necessary feels anyone can connect with, as sings: “Lean on me now but don’t fall asleep lend me your hand and let me feel your heartbeat while you hold me in your arms and say that you’re sure she doesn’t mean nothing to you anymore.”

The narrative of the lyrics in “Item For Sale”, plays like a motion picture in your head. April’s swirling vocals are compelling, delicate, and pitch perfect .Underpinning this storyline is the mesmerizing soundscape that floats off behind the vocals and layered harmonies.

Together April And The Drift produce music well outside of the customary offerings. The gripping emotion of their sound seems to override the bombastic tendencies of their contemporaries.

The song perfectly captures the complex alchemy of the duo. The Drift’s production creates a delicious intrigue with April’s vocal purrs, leaving the listener with a perfectly balanced musical equation.

“Item For Sale” undoubtedly seduces as much as it satisfies while it continues to hypnotize the listener with a slow burn throughout its entirety. The song is its own musical entity. It defines a genre completely unique to itself. “Item For Sale” is like an intoxicating drug penetrating the senses, from which there is no escape.


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