Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers: “JOY” – incomparable vocals, impactful songwriting and excellent production,

Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers’ bread and butter is quite clear after having Billboard chart topping singles and gospel-centered lyrics married with slower-to-mid-tempo melodies. The group’s songs have conveyed hope, joy, love and peace to many, and their new single, “JOY” follows suit in theme even as it branches in a slightly new musical direction. The song has a more cinematic, dramatic and thumping electronic feel to it, sonically putting Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers, firmly into the first century of the 3rd millennium. Since the release of their debut, Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers has become one of the most appreciated independent acts in the Christian industry. They have consistently hit the sweet spot for many CCM fans by marrying accessible musicianship with worshipful and often challenging lyrics.

It is no great secret that one of the biggest drawbacks of many of today’s most popular artists in Contemporary Christian Music is monotony in sound and style. Who amongst CCM fans hasn’t turned on a Christian radio station and, upon hearing a song otherwise unknown to them, been able to predict the general song structure, dynamic shifts, vocal changes, or even amount of lyrical repetition of whatever song is gracing their ears?

On “JOY”, Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers step outside the box without forsaking their R&B core. The warm melody, the glistening harmonies, and the rich lead vocal are all there in place, exactly where they need to be, to maintain their signature sound.

It’s in the musical arrangement and the instrumentation that Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers step into another dimension, and no doubt the move will definitely bring them a plethora of new ears. But it is also because of the Anthony Nelson’s ability, steeped in traditional gospel song craftsmanship, to move listeners to the boiling point – from anticipation to ecstasy – and then to ease up so they can fully appreciate what they have just experienced.

“JOY” is a conglomerate of sounds but one thing is consistent, this track is about worship. The sound is there to exalt the risen savior and to transform lives.

Anthony Nelson’s approach to this brand new song, demonstrates how thin the stylistic line is between gospel, inspirational and Contemporary Christian Music in the 21at Century. A track this rich in true and sincere content will encourage the heart of the listener, stirring up faith and a deep sense of wonder and adulation for the Lord.“JOY”

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana based, Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers’ incomparable vocals, impactful songwriting and excellent production, will take you to the King before it is all said and done.


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