New Releases

A Photo In The Dark – “Live Session Mixes” is subtly complex, listenable, danceable, and more importantly, gorgeous!

The story of A Photo In The Dark is actually quite a difficult one to tell. The music, quite frankly, is unlike anyone else’s. The [more…]


Tony Newton TNT XTREME – “Mars (Eclipse)” evolves into a complex structure of alternating moods, textures and rhythms

Music Hall of Famer, legendary Motown and Progressive Jazz-Rock Bassist, Composer, and Producer Tony Newton expands the conventions of Jazz-Rock fusion with innovative approaches, providing [more…]

New Releases

DownTown Mystic – “21st Century Rock ‘n Roll” – another delicious upbeat flare of rock roll energy!

If rock n’ roll is seriously a part of your music vocabulary, then you should know that DownTown Mystic is the real deal. It’s hard [more…]