Lorenzo Bazzoni – “The Sanctuary” erupts into a sweeping crescendo

It’s become something of a cliché to state how consistent the Italian composer Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni is. However over time, his ability to carry on producing such high-quality music becomes all the more remarkable as is his way of never massively departing from what is undeniably a recognizable Bazzoni sound, while always managing to keep things fresh and take more complex musical detours. Weaving melody around the ominous percussion, with warm spells of orchestral gushes unfurling around the heavily dynamic atmospheres, sets out the template nicely on the latest epic 9 minute single, “The Sanctuary”.

Sturdy power rises dramatically from its simple yet otherworldly settings. It takes a certain type of magic to achieve music like this. The arrangement allows each element to breathe fully, with the overall effect of growing emotional and sonic bombast, imposing melodic hooks taking hold throughout. It is a continuation of Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni’s bombastic instrumental rock blended with cinematic and classical orchestrations, adding enough new experiments to keep things interesting, but staying close enough to his well-hewn sound to ensure a cozy familiarity.

Lorenzo Bazzoni makes big musical statements and plenty of complex arranging shifts. The distance between the forceful eruptions in volume and the lower-key landscapes is indeed compelling. Yet, remarkably, as time goes on it becomes more complicated to boil what Bazzoni does down to a single canonical style. Mood and atmosphere is his stock in trade, but increasingly it’s the finer compositional details that have come to define what he does – the spaces between the crescendos, and the recesses after the roars.

“The Sanctuary”, makes all the above statements explicit, and unmistakable. It reinforces Lorenzo Bazzoni’s commitment to unpredictability and aversion to repetition. In large part, this epic arrangement is like a comprehensive summary and an amplification of Bazzoni’s best qualities. Moreover, it is reassuring to know that the composer’s sense of drama remains firmly intact. “The Sanctuary” has all of Bazzoni’s hallmarks – including the booming progressive peaks, and the whirling cinematic orchestrations. But as tried-and-trusted as those structures are, there are a few unexpected surprises that make this single a compelling listen.

“The Sanctuary” erupts into a sweeping crescendo, as the orchestra and the percussion clashes, soars, plummets and rises to blockbuster effect. It’s Lorenzo Armando Aldo Bazzoni as you’ve always heard him, but also as you’ve never heard him before. Bazzoni has once again focused on creating transformative music that offers us solace from the mundane radio sounds we’re so used to. Tension and release is still the key and Bazzoni has honed this sonic template down to a perfect art form. He retains his powerful ebb and flow as the textures build and build into a terse tension, which is then released into huge plateaus of dynamic sound.

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