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Get Ready to Experience Old School Hip-Hop with Zelixe Mamut’s “Wisdom” Featuring Sketch and Stones Moyo

Hip-hop is a genre that has been around for decades, and over the years, it has evolved and taken on different forms. Despite the changes, there is still something special about the old school hip-hop vibe that remains relevant to this day. Zelixe Mamut, a talented hip-hop artist, knows this well and has created an EP that captures the essence of the 90s hip-hop era. The Feat EP, features collaborations with other hip-hop artists, including the latest single “Wisdom” featuring Sketch and Stones Moyo.

Zelixe Mamut’s love for hip-hop runs deep, and this is evident in his music. His passion for the 90s hip-hop vibe shines through in every track, and “Wisdom” is no exception. The track features a smooth, laid-back beat with a shimmering keyboard riff that sets the mood for the introspective lyrics.

The verses on “Wisdom” ft. Sketch and Stones Moyo are thought-provoking and speak to the human experience. They touch on topics such as personal growth, the importance of learning from past mistakes, and the value of wisdom gained through experience. Their lyrics are relatable and offer a glimpse into the artists’ personal journeys.

The production on “Wisdom” ft. Sketch and Stones Moyo is impressive, and Zelixe Mamut’s attention to detail is evident in the track’s composition. He seamlessly blends the piano melody with the drums and bass, creating a cohesive sound that complements the verses. The track has a nostalgic feel to it, transporting listeners back to the golden age of hip-hop.

Zelixe Mamut’s collaboration with Sketch and Stones Moyo on “Wisdom” is a prime example of how artists can come together and create something beautiful. The other tracks off the Feat EP is available on Zelixe Mamut’s YouTube channel, and each track offers something different for listeners. If you’re a serious fan of hip-hop, be sure to check out Zelixe Mamut’s work on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@TheUsedMax and connect with him via Instagram: https://instagram.com/zelixemamut


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