Doug Cash – “Believe in Love” – a source of strength and happiness!

Singer- songwriter, and CEO / Owner of Pryor 2 What? Records and Music Publishing, Doug Cash is back with one of his latest singles, “Believe in Love”. In a world that can often feel dark and overwhelming, Doug tells us that it’s important to hold onto the things that bring us light and joy. One of these things is love. But in the face of disappointment and heartache, it can be hard to believe that love is real and pure. That’s why it’s crucial to hold onto Doug’s message and believe in love, even when it feels like everything else is falling apart.

Love is often depicted as a fragile and fleeting thing in popular culture. We’re told that it fades over time, that it’s hard to find, or that it’s not enough. But despite these negative messages, love remains one of the most powerful forces in the world. It brings people together, heals wounds, and makes life worth living. When we experience love in its truest form, it’s a beautiful thing that gives us hope and inspiration.

“Believe in love. It’s real It’s pure. Believe in love. It’s real I’m sure. I know It’s hard to keep your faith. I know the smile has left your face. Believe in love. It’s real It’s pure. Believe in love. It’s real I’m sure,” sings Doug Cash, as he unpacks the song’s powerful message. However, it’s not always easy to believe in love. Life can be hard, and the challenges we face can make it difficult to see the good in people and in the world. We may struggle with our own insecurities and fears, or we may have been hurt in the past. But despite these obstacles, it’s essential to keep our faith in love alive.

Believing in love means seeing it for what it truly is – a source of strength and happiness. It’s a way to connect with others and to find joy in life. When we believe in love, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and to the kind of happiness that only comes from knowing that someone cares for us. So if you’re feeling down, or if you’re struggling to see the beauty in life, take a moment to listen the crystalline vocals and smooth organic production of “Believe in Love”, it will inject you with the power of love.

In conclusion, the beauty and power of Doug Cash’s performance comes from his raw emotion, authenticity, and musical prowess. He has a voice that is rich and soulful, which he uses to convey the powerful messages in this song. As always, Doug’s performance sounds deeply personal and relatable, and fans will feel as though he is singing directly to them. “Believe in Love” is another testament to the power of Doug Cash’s music and the beauty of his organic musical backdrops.



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