LCTR drop video the for “Barb Wire Crown” from the EP “Goodness Won’t Save You from the Fire”

From the heart of Richmond, Virginia, emerges a sonic inferno that will ignite your senses and scorch your soul. LCTR, a formidable deathcore band, has crafted an EP so intense, so relentless, it will leave you gasping for breath, as it delves into the raw emotions of frustration, stress, and pain that we all endure in the battle for survival. Prepare yourself, for this is not your typical metal offering; it’s a bone-crushing, soul-shattering masterpiece that redefines the very essence of the genre.

No time is wasted in unleashing the aural onslaught on “Goodness Won’t Save You from the Fire.” The EP explodes into life with its devastating opener, “Kayfabe as Personal Philosophy.” Brace yourself for a maelstrom of sound, as LCTR introduces you to their unique blend of deathcore, deathgrind, and death metal. The track is a savage assault on the senses, with guttural growls, caustic guitar riffs, and a razor-sharp production that slices through your consciousness like a serrated blade. It’s a visceral and thrilling experience, drawing you into the dark and alluring world of LCTR in an instant.

But the onslaught doesn’t stop there. “Barb Wire Crown” continues the rampage, maintaining the unyielding intensity while exploring a more evolved and complex sound. LCTR pushes the boundaries, weaving a tapestry of sound that’s both chaotic and compelling. They expertly balance old-school metal vibes with modern deathcore elements, delivering a relentless barrage of riffs and bone-crushing breakdowns that will leave you begging for mercy. This is not just metal; this is a primal and cathartic release of pent-up energy, harnessed in a symphony of controlled chaos.

As the EP reaches its climax, we encounter the crowning glory, “A Discourse in Disillusionment.” Get ready for a merciless onslaught of relentless riffing, thunderous beats, and an unstoppable torrent of powerful vocals. LCTR hits their apex with this track, displaying a level of ferocity and musical prowess that will leave you awestruck. The shifting, unshakable groove stitches together a seamless barrage of auditory torment, revealing the band at their most vicious and impressive.

“Goodness Won’t Save You from the Fire” is an unapologetic tour de force, a monumental showcase of LCTR’s complete mastery over their craft. This is not music for the faint-hearted or the mainstream radio listeners. No, this EP is a testament to the unbridled passion and dedication of a band that truly understands the essence of what lies beyond the metal genre. LCTR fearlessly embraces their niche, and with this release, they have cemented their position in the underground deathcore movement.

For the metal aficionados, the deathcore devotees, and those who seek musical catharsis beyond the conventional, LCTR’s “Goodness Won’t Save You from the Fire” is an indispensable addition to your playlist. Witness the inferno they’ve ignited and be consumed by the unrelenting flames of their sound. And if you crave more, be sure to catch the scorching official video for “Barb Wire Crown,” a visual spectacle that perfectly complements the EP’s fiery intensity. LCTR, the relentless trailblazers of deathcore have unleashed a tempest. The fire rages on, and you better be ready to embrace the inferno!

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