Rog & Glenn with Jeremy – “The 2019 Album” – an artfully constructed blend of fusion, progressive pop and art-rock flavors

Every once in a while, I develop a strong connection with a newly discovered artist or band, and quickly go deep into their back catalog, [more…]

New Releases

Rog & Glenn (and Jeremy) – “Brevard Vol. IV” – characterized by excellent musicianship, eclecticism, and diversity!

Rog & Glenn’s music is explorative in nature and it has a blend of jazz, rock, blues, pop and progressive components with the use of [more…]

New Releases

Collaborateurs: “Marshall Sessions” – a total anachronism compared to today’s mainstream music!


I’m in love with this album. “Marshall Sessions” (as in Marshall, NC) is filled with beautiful melodic themes, sweeping lush choruses, and one of the [more…]