E-Major turns his menacing rhymes into hyper-surreal, dark and disturbing thrill-rides!

E-Major started writing songs in 2010, while living in a one bedroom apartment, on Flatbush Ave, near Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by his favorite artist, Biggie, he grew up listening to Eminem and Ludacris, but it was something about how Biggie told his life story, says E-Major, that really made him want to tell his own story.


Being adopted at 8 months old and not knowing who he come from has always fueled a small fire in his heart, he says, and which constantly pushes him to want to succeed. “I’m so thankful for the opportunity to represent Above Reality Records,” continues E-Major, “and I can’t wait to show everyone what I’m bringing to the table.”

And the 15 track “Beast From The East”, is exactly what E-Major brings to the table. From which comes the fierce single “Robin Hood”. If you’re seriously into rap music, E-Major brings the thunder on both this single and the entire album. He makes his sentiments pretty clear on the single too – “I only care about four things in this life. That’s my family, my girlfriend, my money and this mother-fucking music…”

The track is a fairly brilliant condensation of what the album has to offer. As E-Major turns his menacing hip-hop rhymes into hyper-surreal, dark and disturbing thrill rides. It’s as aggressive as it is enjoyable.


The production is nearly as evocative as the raps, with slamming drums, stuttering rhythms, ethereal sound effects, and spacious soundscapes. He does not even need overpowering hooks but drops a set of sing-along rhymes anyway, on “Robin Hood”, to draw the borderline listener in.

Once you’re in, you can closely follow E-Major delving deeper into his past while revealing complexity as an artist and a personality that will definitely help bring him a large audience.

E-Major proves to be a more than able narrator as he slings uncomfortable truths and lacerating insights with forceful agility and occasional acrimony, all seemingly without effort. His music bristles with tension, and the electrifying phrasing he unleashes to convey an expansive vocabulary and vivid storytelling.

At a time when rap is suffering a transitional regression in terms of substance and technical ability, E-Major’s lyrical skills and the solid mastery of his craft will resonate with fans of the genre. It’s really hard to believe this guy is just at the beginning of his career.

Hearing the single “Robin Hood” will make it extremely difficult not to greedily crave for the entire “Beast From The East” album, which contains an excellent compilation of songs that I would recommend as a necessary purchase, if you have any interest in the genre whatsoever.


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