T. Mancuso Unleashes ‘Ma Cumba’: The Dance Anthem Redefining Latin Vibes

[Dallas, TX – USA] – Multi-talented songwriter and performer T. Mancuso brings us a new dance hall favorite in ‘Ma Cumba’. Topping off a full year of recording and production work from his studio in Texas, USA, this Latin influenced upbeat tune has quickly found it’s way into playlists and radio with his American and International followers and fans. As we’ve come to expect from this versatile writer and composer, this latest release brings a fresh addition to the growing portfolio of Pop, Soul, Funk, Jazz and Soundtrack work. Mancuso delivers a rhythmic and positive ‘feel good’ dance song in Ma Cumba.

T. Mancuso on sax w/Vic-20 for Anything Box / Cause & Effect US Tour

Ma Cumba is a song about love and dancing. .  It was written for a dear friend of Mancuso’s who was going through a tough time in their life. “I wanted to write about love, hopefulness, happiness – to share the joy of the dance with them. This love story portrays one person longing for the attention of another… that feeling of counting the moments until they can be together again, if only for a dance . . . ‘To catch her eye and hold her tight, for this I dance hoping she might love me…’ I hope you too will Dance the Ma Cumba.“  – T. Mancuso

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with studio and live performance success in Funk, R&B, Rock and Jazz, Mancuso can often be hard to nail down to a single genre. With this newest project Mancuso departs from his previous work with an honest and high energy Latin vibe. Rated a ‘10 out of 10 Dance Party’ song, Ma Cumba will bring a smile to your face and is sure to get your feet moving. With live performances, tour support, and writing for both film and radio, Mancuso continues to produce new music continually. Writing, Arranging, Recording, Sound Engineering, and Production were all done in-house at T’s private recording studio outside of Dallas, TX. Mancuso’s music is marketed under Dreambent Music Group (DBMG).

Mancuso continues to support local and regional tours, and is available upon request – more info and concert dates www.TMancusoMusic.com

Stream Ma Cumba – Artist socials:  YT | FB | IG @TMancusoMusic

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