Raheem: “INSIDE MY HEAD” delivers conscious rap songs with meaning

Raheem Skinner is a Rapper from Dallas, Texas.His dad and uncle put him on the rap music, by starting him off with the old school greats as in Run Dmc, LL Cool J, Salt n Pepper, Kid n Play, etc. Then he was very influenced by the 90s, as in Tupac, Biggie, NWA, etc. Raheem has been writing songs since he was 8. He used to rap about money, cars, and clothes. As he got older his messages changed, becoming more meaningful and uplifting. He does not like to curse in his raps, and GOD has become important in his life. With his styles of the 80s and 90s Raheem has dropped his mixtape entitled “INSIDE MY HEAD”.

I listen to a wide range of Christian music from traditional Gospel to R&B, Rock and Alternative. Previously, I’d turned from most hip hop aside from some Conscious Rap because I have always been an active listener and could never get behind the message being delivered even though I loved the beats, bass and catchy hooks. I consider “INSIDE MY HEAD” a success because Raheem has delivered songs with meaning while being supported by various producers as well as a track by 9th Wonder.

The mixtape cover
The mixtape cover

The featured producers, the strength of the lyrics and beats all begins to gel pretty soon into the mixtape. And the strength of Raheem’s performances boosts the overall quality of this mixtape impressively. The songs will definitely get your head bobbing and the messages and music meld well at any point showing that presenting one with strength doesn’t compromise the other.

Raheem grabbed my attention with the very first song, “I Gotta Rise” and held it till the tracks went silent after “Chasing Dreams”. I love Raheeem’s delivery, not fast or quick, but deliberate and almost in a way that makes you feel his emotion-filled beliefs through his words. You need to check this mixtape out if you like rap music, or are simply trying to get closer to God. Raheem will walk you through some pitfalls and questions Christians face that can’t help but assist you in your walk. The words he chooses are not random and his metaphors are on point.

Raheeem favors a more soulful old school sound with this record which is a welcome addition. His lyricism and delivery are good enough so that he wouldn’t even need to have any outstanding beats, but he proves here that he’s an artist with a lot of ambition, making sure that the production is on a top level. Standout tracks that grabbed my attention included “Fly Away”, G.W.D”, “Smile”, “No Complaining” and “Chasing My Dream”.

“INSIDE MY HEAD” is a great way to learn of God’s word without all the preaching. To be reminded that there is music to listen to in almost every genre that does not come complete with the filth that we grow accustomed to hearing daily, is a great achievement for Raheem. The bass, the beats, and consistent, but never pushy references to Jesus, are powerful. If you want a picture of what is inside Raheem’s head…here it is!


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