N.I.T.Z. – “Black Rose” gets inside your head and won’t come out!

Jose Luis Torres Jr. also known as N.I.T.Z., the first of four brothers and was born on August 1st 1988. N.I.T.Z. was seduced by the world of music at the early age of five. He came up listening to some of the all-time greats who inspired him (Eminem, Tech n9ne, Jay-z, Nas, 2pac & Biggie) to embark on his journey into the wonderful universe of hip hop.


N.I.T.Z., who has always had a thing for expressing himself through writing and poetry, dropped his track “Black Rose”, a couple of months ago. The track has a fully layered production and you can feel N.I.T.Z.’s hunger throughout. Immediately I fell in love with his marvelous flow accompanied by his dark sinister style, with a dash of good will within his heart. This contrast is what gives this song its appealing edge.

N.I.T.Z. comes across as the real deal; he gets inside your head and won’t come out. His flow is technically superb and is not easily touched by many rappers around. Pick this up if you need something to get you excited in this big mess called hip-hop that is around right now. N.I.T.Z. is just what this underground industry needs; he shows the signs of a would-be leader and innovator.

I cannot say enough of how good of a release “Black Rose” is – a combination of music production and lyrical flow that demonstrates N.I.T.Z.’s amazing rhyming ability, which is able to mix and blend with just about any instrumental elements. He really does have a crazy flow, and his ability to vary his delivery within the same song is such a breath of fresh air.

My expectations of this artist were extremely high, mainly due N.I.T.Z.’s cited musical influences. But I was more than impressed, as his delivery of a fairytale love gone wrong, on “Black Rose”, was impacting and emotional, both from a storytelling and technical viewpoint. Definitely an artist to watch closely in the near future!


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