GERNADO Unleashes Uplifting Vibes with New Music Video “Liveth”

In a perpetual cascade of positive musical energy, GERNADO, the esteemed reggae artist-producer, gifts the world yet another enriching sonic experience. Throughout the year, this maestro has orchestrated a melodic symphony, culminating now in the release of “Liveth,” a single accompanied by an eagerly anticipated music video that serves as a precursor to a visual extravaganza encompassing his entire artistic repertoire.

Exploring “Liveth” – For aficionados of reggae and aficionados of sheer musical excellence, GERNADO’s latest creation, “Liveth,” arrives as a delightful treat. A polymath in the realm of music – a musician, songwriter, and producer of multifaceted talents – GERNADO crafts “Liveth” as a vessel of positivity, joy, and soul-elevating resonance. This track, wielding infectious beats, profound lyrics, and a euphoric instrumentation, seeks to infuse listeners’ spirits with an enduring sense of upliftment.


Driven by the pulsating rhythms inherent to reggae, “Liveth” transcends the boundaries of genre, intertwining the essence of gospel music with the exuberant cadence of reggae. GERNADO’s vocal prowess, coupled with his poignant lyrical narrative, ensures an indelible auditory experience. At its core, the song’s message is a celebration of hope’s transformative power, an anthem resonating with the potential to elevate lives.

The composition’s euphoric instrumentation, complemented by GERNADO’s seamless delivery, beckons listeners to sway in rhythmic unison and echo its infectious refrains long after its final notes fade. Through an irresistible melody, GERNADO has woven a tapestry that transcends musical confines, promising universal appeal to aficionados across diverse musical preferences.

GERNADO’s Musical Versatility – “Liveth” stands testament to GERNADO’s artistic versatility, underscoring his adeptness at harmonizing multiple genres into a singular, uplifting opus. Scheduled for release across all digital streaming platforms on February 17th, this single emerges poised to carve its place as a cherished favorite among both reggae enthusiasts and devoted followers of gospel music.

Unveiling GERNADO – Hailing from the sun-soaked realms of Florida to the radiant landscapes of California, GERNADO, also known as JAH Na Do, embodies a fusion of coastal influences. A paragon of unwavering determination and relentless positivity, this luminary artist remains steadfast in his commitment to being both artistically fruitful and endlessly inspiring.

This maestro, possessing an inherent dexterity in songwriting, performance, and production, continues to ascend new echelons within the musical sphere. His astute business acumen and unyielding spirit of innovation further underscore his stature as an influential figure in the music industry.

With “Liveth,” GERNADO not only amplifies his sonic footprint but cements his status as a beacon of positivity, grace, and musical ingenuity. This release marks yet another chapter in his illustrious journey, promising listeners an auditory voyage steeped in exuberance and soulful resonance.

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