Energy Healing & Soul Medicine book hits #1 for New Release

Energy Healing & Soul Medicine is a collaborative book by Radhaa Publishing House. With 18 high-caliber healers and authors worldwide who share their stories and experiences with Energy Healing & Soul Medicine, now available on Kindle HERE: While the paperback releases April 22, 2022, Energy Healing & Soul Medicine has already hit #1 for New Releases as a much-anticipated book that serves as a Healing Directory and stories of healing and miracles.  The book features Holistic Therapists, Healers, Nutritional Counselor and Shaman and with unique modalities from around the world. Readers will have multiple modalities to contemplate at their fingertips. The book serves as a directory as well, after each chapter, a bio of each Healer, making it easy to connect with Authors and experience firsthand the healing modalities in the book. 

Back Cover Description: Discover the Power to Heal Yourself and Others. Experience firsthand holistic experts who will give you a taste of what they offer through various healing modalities and experiences. Learn and discover all types of Healers, Coaches, and Holistic Health Practitioners specializing in their powerful and unique offerings to assist you in your transformation and self-empowerment. Authors share authentic stories, and some combine them with self-help-treatment tools and practices that balance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The multiple modalities offered in this book bring you closer to knowing which one fits your needs, and there are plenty of healing modalities and tools to choose from. If you want to find a guide, teacher, or mentor, this book offers a kaleidoscope of experience for you to discover. It is yours to unravel the sacred healing work these world-class healers, coaches, holistic practitioners have to offer on these pages.

Curated by Radhaa Nilia, this book is filled with World Class Healers, Coaches, Modality Creators & Holistic Innovators, Authors: Maya Verzonilla, AKA Maya The Shaman, Lori Thayer, Ph.D., Leslie Allyn Finkel, Patricia Wald-Hopkins, Amanda Waterman, Misty Pennington, Neil Gaur, Eva Vennari, Lalitah Sunra, Eric Raines, Maureen Keller, Radhaa Nilia, Danielle Schreck, Brittany Marie Fouche aka Marie Universe, Stasia Bliss, Meredith Ruben Daniels, Annemiek Douw and art by Robin Quinlivan.

About Radhaa Publishing House: Radhaa Publishing House is focused on heart-centered, mind-expanding, truth-telling, and transformative stories by authors across the world. Our focal point is on our collaborative book series that showcases our author’s voices. We celebrate one-of-a-kind memoirs and self-empowering books. We thrive on supporting our gifted author’s literary work. As a company, we embrace and empower the sacred journey of our writer’s storytelling. Our objective is to assist our clients in embodying messages of hope, healing, and transformation. In sharing our author’s work, we at Radhaa Publishing House awaken, transform and elevate our readers globally.

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