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Doug Cash – “Occupational Hazard” ft. Lindsay Marie rides on a traditional country waltz

Singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, and producer, Doug Cash has been on a creative run of late, turning out a whole series of singles and videos to keep his momentum going. Cash, who is also President of Pryor 2 What? Records, and owner of Pryor 2 What? Music Publishing, set about this country tune with yet another realistic vision of life and love’s intricacies. Titled “Occupational Hazard”, the song jumps straight to the point, right from the outset. “Give me food, give me money, give me sex. You know love is an occupational hazard,” cites the opening lines.

Riding on a traditional country waltz, “Occupational Hazard” ft. Lindsay Marie, produced by DC Pryor, is taken from the “Alisa Chronicles” album. Artists are the emotional arrays of society in a given time and place. They reflect and cataloging our deepest concerns, fears, peculiarities, and our greatest joys. If necessary, it often falls to artists to challenge our morals and norms, question our trajectory and priorities, and attempt to put our perspectives into focus, so we can see where we’re heading, more clearly. And that’s the underlying pulse of Doug Cash’s music, as he investigates the idiosyncrasies of our existence. On “Occupational Hazard”, he extracts some more of life’s realities to chew on, while you dance the night away. For those interested, the Doug Cash catalog is also available for licensing.


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