‘Cheek’ by Sunshine Art Therapy is about forgiving but not forgetting and how the best revenge is a life well lived!

The thing about indie artists is that they are everywhere these days. With so many options, it’s hard to stand out… but somehow, standing out is exactly what Sunshine Art Therapy manages to do through an intense flow delivered with a breathy urgency in her new hip hop EP called ‘Past Due’ that is about her journey through a toxic relationship.

You will feel her truth resonates in your gut. You might laugh a little, you might even cry a little, but you will definitely bop your head a little. Sunshine Art Therapy is a rapper from Jamaica, Queens in New York City.

Songwriting is an outlet for her happiness and her pain. Sunshine uses writing to express herself to help her survive the intense feelings she experiences both in love and in heartbreak.

The single ‘Cheek’ by Sunshine Art Therapy, to be released on the 12th of November, is about forgiving but not forgetting and how the best revenge is a life well lived… You will feel her truth resonate in your gut. It might make you laugh, it might make you cry, but it will definitely make you want to shake cheeks.



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