Wanaka – “Cried Out” conveys a sense of emotional exhaustion and vulnerability

With his trusty ukulele and a voice that cuts straight to the soul, Wanaka is a rising star in the world of folk-rock. The French-born Israeli artist’s music is a beautiful fusion of different cultures, drawing inspiration from his love of travel and hiking.  But what really sets Wanaka apart is his gift for poetic lyricism. His songs are like heartfelt stories, each one filled with vivid details and raw emotion. Love and loss are common themes, and he tackles them with a sensitivity and honesty that is both refreshing and relatable. Whether he’s singing about the joys of new love or the pain of a breakup, he does so in a way that feels deeply personal and authentic.

Despite his obvious talent, Wanaka remains humble and approachable. His performances are intimate affairs, with little more than his ukulele, and a selected choice of organic instrumentation building around his voice to captivate the audience.

There is a power in that simplicity, a rawness that cuts through the noise and connects with listeners on a level that is truly special. On the single “Cried Out”, Wanaka is superbly supported by Audrey Weatherst’s cello, guitar and ethereal vocals.

It’s no surprise that Wanaka has been influenced by a wide range of musical styles, from grunge and alt-rock to modern indie folk. He brings these influences together in a way that is uniquely his own, creating a sound that is both familiar and fresh.

His latest single, “Cried Out”, is a perfect example of this. It’s a hauntingly beautiful song, full of meaningful observations and memorable imagery. Once again, Wanaka shows us that he is a master of his craft, a musician who knows how to touch the heart and stir the soul.

The lyrics of “Cried Out” by Wanaka convey a sense of emotional exhaustion and vulnerability. The repeated lines “I’m all cried out/I’m so fucked up” emphasize the speaker’s emotional state, indicating that he has reached a point of complete emotional depletion. The use of profanity in these lines adds a rawness and intensity to the emotions being expressed.

The line “On a landscape of roads not taken,” suggests a feeling of regret and missed opportunities, as if Wanaka is reflecting on paths not taken in life. The imagery of a “semi silk robe you doubt,” could be interpreted as the singer feeling exposed and vulnerable in front of someone who is questioning their worth.

The lines “My hands are sore/My veins is burning/From a landscape of views I awaken,” suggest physical and emotional pain. The use of the word “awaken” here implies a moment of realization or insight, as if Wanaka has been through a difficult experience that has forced him to confront uncomfortable truths about himself.

The final line “You drown” could be interpreted in a number of ways. It could be a statement directed at someone who has hurt the singer, suggesting that he will ultimately face consequences for his actions. Alternatively, it could be a metaphorical statement about the singer feeling overwhelmed by his emotions, as if he is drowning in his own pain.

Overall, “Cried Out” is a poignant and introspective song that explores themes of regret, vulnerability, and emotional pain. The rawness and intensity of the lyrics, combined with Wanaka’s soulful vocals, make for a powerful listening experience.

In a world where so much music feels manufactured and impersonal, Wanaka is a breath of fresh air. His songs are honest and authentic, his performances intimate and heartfelt. He is an artist who truly deserves to be heard.


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