Talented emerging artist, London Reyes, makes waves with his new song “Know You Want To”

South Florida’s music artist and fast-rising hip-hop act, London Reyes, has continued in the pursuit of disrupting the music industry by blessing the ears of millions of music lovers across the globe and his fans with good songs. In a related development, the emerging artist released a new single titled “Know You Want To.” The song was officially released on all streaming platforms on March 19, 2021, with the music video also dropping on the same day.

The hip-hop world has literally spearheaded the series of evolution witnessed in the music industry over the years. The global entertainment industry has grown to become a multi-billion-dollar market, with several creatives across different categories contributing to ensure that the audience remains entertained. One act, London Reyes, looks poised to challenge the status quo in the industry, with a unique style and mastery of wordplay putting him ahead of his contemporaries.

The new single from the artist is a further reiteration of his versatility, ingenuity, and creativity behind the MIC. London Reyes looks to continue in the tradition that led to Interscope Records noticing his talent after moving to Los Angeles to pursue his career, with songs like Nothing Comes Easy and the “It’s Okay To Cry” album bringing him to the limelight.

London Reyes aims to deliver thought-provoking yet entertaining music with his message-filled lyrics delivered on amazing beats. “As a child, I was that quiet kid in the corner who never said anything. Shy was an understatement. I remember locking myself in my room for hours and hours just listening to music. Music made me feel normal, and it gave me a sense of belonging. I started writing music without the intent to share it. It was mine, it was personal, and I felt like no one would understand it but me,” said London Reyes.

“It’s safe to say I’ve grown since then, both mentally and musically. I’ve learned to embrace my vulnerability and share my craft with the world or whoever would give me a listening ear. Music has given me a voice, and there’s no way I’m shutting up now,” he continued.


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