Natalie Jean – “The Little Things” exemplifies the deep and powerful magic of pure goodness

In the largely segmented world of genre-driven music, award-winning singer-songwriter Natalie Jean is brave enough to branch out into new spheres, while still honoring her Americana roots. Her latest single “The Little Things”, in fact takes her straight back to her roots, and continues her run of impressive releases, cementing her reputation as one of underground music’s brightest stars. The single will certainly broaden Natalie’s fanbase and give her Americana music another strong push on its way to international success. Over the years Natalie has established herself as sharp-witted, sincere, and assured. Her brand of music regardless of the genre she works in at any given point, recalls the storytelling glory days of the 90s; characters live in her songs, holding up mirrors to themselves and thereby to those of us following their journeys.

While she’s still been largely and frustratingly overlooked by mainstream radio, Natalie Jean has amassed legions of devoted fans, multiple awards, and hordes of critics alike, who respect her creative zeal and individuality. On “The Little Things” Natalie took everything we love about her and scattered the elements across a rich organic soundscape, layered with warm acoustic guitars and pianos. Instruments and textures bloom sporadically like you’re listening to them grow and change with each new word Natalie sings.

Natalie Jean

“The Little Things” is both a song about love and an ode to the atmosphere and feelings brought on by Christmas. As the melody unfolds and the strings drench the song, Natalie Jean sings the track’s mission statement: “The fireplace is all aglow, there’s one thing that I always know. This Christmas, I’m thankful for the little things.”

Natalie approaches the subject matter with such a glorious earnestness that you can’t help but agree. The singer, once again, put together a sensational record that excites and moves the audience, whether you are an Americana music fan or not.

Natalie Jean’s voice is not only a belting one when it needs to be, but it’s a remarkable instrument, capable of imbuing her songs with winsome empathy. On “The Little Things” she delivers a warm delivery chock-full of sentiments and thoughtfulness that rings pure and true.

Natalie sounds more confident as a musician than she ever has, and that’s saying a lot considering her previous releases. This song is the steady and self-assured product of an audacious artist whose body of work speaks for itself.

“The Little Things” exemplifies the deep and powerful magic of pure goodness. Natalie Jean hits one high note after another, her talent as a songwriter and singer is second to none, and this song is thoughtful, well-formed, and a delightful experience on its own.

Natalie’s down-to-earth persona elevates her intimate story to something universal. This kind of tangible connection between her music and her listeners is a rare thing. It means Natalie’s songs come from an honest place in her heart.

Meaningful lyrics and well-composed instrumentation would mean nothing however if Natalie Jean’s vocals couldn’t propel them along, thankfully her voice has never sounded better. It all adds up to an ear-warming experience that will linger in your mind and heart long after the final notes have faded.

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