Malea: “Hero” – distinctive and glistening vocals!

Born in Ft. Hood, Texas, and currently based in Los Angeles, Malea is a musician of Korean and Irish descent, and a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music. As a child, she spent several years living in Korea, as well as growing up with her Grandparents in Long Island, New York. Malea’s career took a new direction as a recording artist when she moved to Los Angeles. Her previous EP “Swept Away” was met with critical and listener acclaim, while her songs “Give” charted for ten straight weeks, and “One Hot Mess” went to number one on Billboard.

Pour yourself a glass of Scotch, pull up an easy chair and enjoy some of the smoothest and most lovely singing you will ever enjoy. Malea’s voice is like that first sip. Smooth at first taste, strong and emotional going down and a lingering sense you have just enjoyed a once in a lifetime experience. But then, wait, you can hear it again.

Sultry, strong, emotional and beautiful. Enjoyed best straight up, on her latest single “Hero”. Malea blends her classical foundations with her pop leanings to create lusciously multi-layered and multicolored soundscapes meant to mesmerize.

This a great introduction to someone new to Malea’s music. For an existing fan, this is the perfect way to fill the gap in your collection. “Hero” is sonically different from previous releases, such as “Swept Away” or even “You Are Loved”.

Less nuanced, noticeably bolder, and more powerful in its execution, “Hero” is filled with the type of distinctive and glistening vocals that have been off the airways for far too long. The song is much more direct than any of her previous albums.

Malea speaks up and pays homage to those who make a positive impact on the world, and change people’s lives for the better, including her own. She puts on her truly empathetic voice, as the song is open, revealing and much less symbolic than some of her other stuff.

The lyrics are direct and anthemic with a very catchy chorus, ready for radio play. Avid fans of her slower more angelic works won’t be disappointed either, as “Hero” has some extremely poignant moments too.

“Hero” certainly captures her uniquely familiar sound, with the added benefit of a driving backdrop that leans more toward the rock and cinematic idiom than it does towards EDM. Which in itself is a brave choice, considering that Malea achieved a Billboard number one hit with “One Hot Mess”. At the same time though, it shows an artist willing to take chances and fuel her craft with creative momentum, rather than resting comfortably on her laurels.

This track is a beautiful tribute to the power of hope, life and love. A full, throaty and crystal clear delivery, combined with meticulous phrasing allows Malea to easily weave her way through the arrangement, as she scales towards a crescendo of emotion. Having the ability to evoke emotion through voice is probably one of the most influential and powerful traits that a musician can have. And Malea has it in bucket loads.


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