Laskii – “Sorry For Myself” is assiduous in examining internal faults

The Alaskan singer-songwriter Laskii, who blends bedroom pop, emo rap and indie styles has emerged with earnest accountability on their latest single “Sorry For Myself” produced by viera x jolst. Pining for growth, love and discovery, Laskii’s new release is assiduous in examining internal faults. The music envelops its listener in shimmering and mellow aural waves made up of jangling guitar motifs and gently understated skittering percussion. The hushed musical tones make the track feel warm and inviting, as Laskii unfolds its introspective narrative.

“I wanna tell you that I’m sorry for everything I’ve done. I know that deep down you still have the scars. I know I can’t fix my mistakes, it’s a little too late. I know that deep down it’ll never be enough. I want you to trust me, I want you to love me, but I’m as terrible as could be. I would do anything just to understand. I try my best and it makes a mess. I try to lift myself when I fall, sometimes I can’t make it on my own,” sings Laskii in the opening lines, unpacking all of their internal wounds and frustration. There is evident regret laced with a hint of nostalgia.

Laskii’s keen eye for detail when touching on these deep topics ultimately force their emotions and sentiments to stick out along the way. It serves as evidence of what happens when someone finally begins to take responsibility for their own happiness or lack thereof.

What emerges is narrative that searches for redemption and self-repair. Evoking moments of self-awareness, of reaching that point in a journey where you’re willing to acknowledge your mistakes, and become a better, more enlightened version of yourself.

That acceptance and openness permeates “Sorry For Myself”. It sounds like a natural next step, with Laskii doing some serious soul-searching. The song is soft and dreamy around the edges, while ensuring it never loses its vibrancy, or more importantly, its humanity. The production on the track allows for Laskii’s nuanced vocals and vivid lyricism to hold center stage, as they take the listener on an emotional journey.

“Sorry For Myself” is a song that drips and oozes authentic emotion, and once again proves Laskii as a true artist of both words and voice. Moreover, there is something within each of their songs, and present even in this one, which is very distinctive to Laskii, outside of just their voice.

The soundscape delicately broadens their musical palette without compromising the rawness or sense of relatability. The self-reflective song permeates the parameters of truth to reveal the singer’s current state of mind. A more matured and mindful Laskii shines throughout “Sorry For Myself”.


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