Han Sino – “Psyche Experience” represents a freedom to interpret, improvise and create

“Psyche Experience” is a 12 track album, of Rare Groove, Urban and Electronic Nu Jazz, that explores the psychedelic dimension of sound with a master keyboard and a sequencer, created by Han Sino. Sino’s music is overwhelmingly eclectic — a musical minefield of genre amalgamation. He pulls from not only jazz, but also drum ‘n’ bass, ambient, hip-hop, and electro music. In my eyes, he is a jazz musician at heart, but his musical mind wanders deep into electronic experimentation.

On this album, he explores this atmospheric space where he takes his listeners on what feels like a sonically-induced trip into his psyche and emotional status at the time of recording. Four months in the making, the album was constructed in a time of difficulty and pain, according to Sino – a moment of transition in his lifestyle which he hopes will be towards an evolution.

Han Sino is one those artist that creates music, there’s a difference with the people that label themselves as artists without knowing the real meaning of the word, and in the other hand you have the ones that go out of their comfort zone and create music. Sino belongs to the latter group, and “Psyche Experience” represents his freedom to interpret, improvise and create.

It is Han Sino’s creative prowess as a musician that propels his tracks into a whole different zone from any of what else is happening in electronic music. The 12 tracks on this album are amazing in their construction, not just in programming and technique, but in overall songwriting form; they take you on a full-blown journey.

“Psyche Experience” is an album that is supremely listenable and incredibly challenging and good from beginning to end. Han Sino is one of the few electronic artists who can stimulate my mind as much as some of the best jazz musicians.

As you run through the track list, from ‘Psyche’ to ‘Desert’, ‘Violetz’ and ‘Nu Life’ – which represent the first third of the album – true to jazz, the tracks never repeat themselves in any way – and the varied musical sounds and atmospheres he achieves, can only make you wonder how much time and effort must have gone into them.

Han Sino often modulates the sounds he uses as much as the notes themselves as an output for his musical spontaneity, intelligence, and creativity, taking his art to the next level. And the experience on intensifies with the middle section of ‘Sweet Sugar’, ‘Experience’, ‘Consciousness’ and ‘Bad Tripz’.

Even though I’m playing this album for the 3rd or 4th time, I still hear something new with every listen. He really takes advantage of the electronic music production environment and crafts his work to perfection. You will hear poignant wind instruments blend with crunching guitars, and naked percussion intertwining with resonant basslines and vocal intonations.

Han Sino’s constant evolution is evident in “Psyche Experience”. The quality of his music never falters, but rather progresses past the boundaries that he himself set. As we move through the final four tracks – ‘The Melody’, ‘Sun Horizon’, ‘Watercolorz’ and ‘High x Peaceful’, Sino proves that he is an electronic deity.

Teetering so far on the outskirts of conventionality, yet doing it so well that one can’t help but be drawn into the greatness of each song. From the shimmering keys, to picked guitars and horn blasts, there is shape, flow, contrast, sound design, form, texture, and above all, unbelievable rhythm.

To truly appreciate this album, you have to realize what’s really going on in between all the beats. Han Sino’s tightly controlled focus on disrupting musical convention are absolutely groundbreaking. “Psyche Experience” is intelligent, and complex enough for months of nonstop listening.

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