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Grand Rezerva – “Walk” is crushing, heavily percussive and ultimately addicting!

I fell head over heels in love with Swedish rock band Grand Rezerva in 2019, after hearing their single, “Hellhound”, mixed and mastered by Beau Hill (Ratt, Europe, Gary Moore, Alice Cooper). The talented collective, comprising of Michael C. Svensson (Vocals), Andreas Lundberg (Guitar), Mattias “Tiz” Nilsson (Guitar), Thomas Helgesson (Drums) and Zoak (Bass), totally won me over a few month later, when I listened to their follow-up single release “Nowhere Bound”. The band, which was initially launched in 2009, now cement my convictions with their brand new single release “Walk”. Proving that they continue to have that special something that pushes every single one of my listening-pleasure buttons.

“Walk” is an even more eclectic and musically powerful outing than the band’s previous releases, with the quintet going all out explosive anthemic rock. It’s the combination of their experience and undeniable talent that enables them to produce such an accomplished and slick sound on their new effort. This head-banger will have you screaming the words in an almost aggressive punk fashion, as it rarely comes up for air.

Grand Rezerva are not playing around. They have come back full-throttle with “Walk” and are ready to reclaim music from electronic, auto-tuned hell. In the process, they’re treating the lost fans of rock n’ roll to the perfect hard-hitting soundtrack whilst rejuvenating a genre that perhaps has been left in the wrong hands for way too long.  It’s a power-packed monster tune, with the turbo-charged drums racing along to the flying sky-high bass and guitar.

The lead vocals deliver a ridiculously abrasive and catchy rocker with an irresistible swagger, and a chorus that just does me in. The way the voice and the music drive this track to euphoric levels of energy together, is a thing of beauty.

While the music showcases the band’s superior level of craftsmanship and skill, it’s Michael C. Svensson vocals that really stand out for me on this record. He packs so much emotion into every phrase, word and melody, and sings with a kind of power that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

It helps that the band lets loose and allows the music and the vocals to soar. Obviously, this is a collective with a high level of technical proficiency, but Grand Rezerva also deliver tunes that have significant emotional power.

It’s a fantastic experience to hear this band play together: they seem to be an excellent fit, reinforcing and strengthening each other, taking their considerable individual strengths and fusing them into something even greater than the sum of those already impressive parts.

What Grand Rezerva bring is more of a true, unbridled, classic rock sound. There is a sense of power and urgency to their songs that makes a track like “Walk”, a major stand out. It’s the kind of true power-rock that is just not made anymore. There is no artificial wizardry here. Just dazzling music made by superb musicians. “Walk” is crushing, heavily percussive and ultimately addicting.


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