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GPMusic – “Thot Pilgrim vs Da World” features a balanced juxtaposition of eccentricity, explicitness and artistry

“Thot Pilgrim vs Da World” is the brand new album by GPMusic, exploring the trials and tribulations of being a hopeless romantic. This is an album filled with left-field alternative raps and gravity-defying production. GPMusic is not a sonic chameleon, as his sounds won’t blend into the background. He is more of a shapeshifter. He’ll take any production beat, eat it up and spit it out differently to how it came in. GPMusic’s affinity for rapping over inscrutable production, showcases his ability to exist completely in his own space.

From the opening “Noodsz” (Album V) [feat. Lil B], Gpmusic moves from one mind-boggling canvas to another effortlessly. The slow-burning noirish psychedelia of “Joe Goldberg” gives way to the guitar motifs on “Mouf”, where he is equally comfortable rhyming on this explicit sex adventure, as he is over the subsequent, twisted sonic fusion of “Nuffin New”. These opening songs deliver on almost every promise GPMusic’s talents hint at.

GPMusic’s mellifluous flow, lends gravitas to the introspective “Chasing”, which is easy and warm on the ear. Most dazzling is the artist’s ability to ride all the beats on the project – even those that verge on, well, the impossible. Like the ever-changing stop and go backdrop of “U Rite”. His technical proficiency is a marvel, as is his eclectic originality.

GPMusic is no stranger to beats that defy the mainstream, hence it’s no surprise to find him on something as joyously psychotropic as “Kissed A Thot” (Album V). It does plenty to cement GPMusic, as one of the most unusual, and most boundary pushing, artists in the underground rap game. Once again, the beat is absolute original fire, and incredibly refreshing to listen to.

“Girl @ My Job” excels at what it sets out to do: deliver you clever sentimental bars about not being able to declare love, set over a delicious instrumental. If you’re a rap listener and want something that’s artistic, bittersweet, yet fun, you can’t go wrong with adding this track to your library. It’s a profound artistic statement: a special kind of moment, in which an artist realizes their vulnerabilities and speaks about it openly. There is power in that.

“Thot Pilgrim vs Da World” is a varied record stylistically with GPMusic quirky and skillful vocals bouncing along over the top of some stunningly unusual production. In a rap and hip-hop world where artists get stuck in a comfortable space leading to some predictable releases, GPMusic has proven here that he moves to a different beat. His eclectic pallet and willingness to try anything when it comes to production and sound sets himself apart from his peers.

“Thot Pilgrim vs Da World” features a balanced juxtaposition of eccentricity, explicitness and artistry, which only a handful of artists have successfully accomplished before. It works for him, because he holds nothing back. Right from the first hearing, GPMusic leaves us wanting more, as he delivers eye-popping wordplay and edge-of-your-seat explicit narratives with the ease of a veteran.


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