Ashley J: “Satisfied” – a contemporary artistic powerhouse!

The 3-time Billboard charging artist Ashley J has just released her latest single, entitled “Satisfied”, which is the title track from her upcoming EP. Her previous singles, released via Bombshell Music, Inc., “Unbreakable”, charted at #2, and “Trapped” had an incredible 5-week #1 long run on the European Independent Chart. Recorded in Canada with producers Adrian and Lucas Rezza, the track is geared toward Ashley J’s growing dance and electronic music fans. EDM, like all of the popular and overpopulated genres of the world, is a fickle lover. As a singer at the height of your career, your voice caresses the minds of millions of listeners through collaborations with producers on countless tracks.

At the lowest point, you are forgotten, another echoed voice over a dance beat. But Ashley J is far from the lowest point in her career, and rather than aiming for the heights, she is aiming to be the best possible artist she can be. And if her latest single, “Satisfied” single is any indication, Ashley J presence will be a given.

“Satisfied” is a very atmospheric and melodic track, aiming to engage the senses rather than lay siege on them. And dance music, in comparison, is usually a siege. So on this track Ashley J’s voice is the star, as it has and always will be.

The worldly melody and subtly uplifting beat though, is a far cry from the sweaty, euphoric arena that is full-on dance, having a lot more pop sensibility injected into its soul. In its most compelling moments, Ashley J drops the beat and sings the melody against the flux of synths and chords which carry her along.

“Satisfied” is one of the better new EDM single releases of 2018 so far. Not because it’s packed full of break-downs or build-ups, but because it’s filled to the brim with excellent songwriting and dramatic tension.

Ashley J proves herself as one contemporary artistic powerhouse. The lyrics are romantically-inclined and pure euphoric poetry, coupled with Ashley J’s vocals, which are simply too good to be mortal. On the surface, “Satisfied” can be construed as a romantic electronic song, and savvy festival-goers will respond to the inevitable peak-time remixes that are likely to ensue.

Overall, “Satisfied” is stellar from start to finish, with a smooth and glossy production, and Ashley J helps elevate to it an even higher level thanks to her ethereal voice. It is one of those songs that instantly commands the listener’s attention, and it is a match made in musical heaven with her producers, Adrian and Lucas Rezza. Without a shadow of a doubt, the track garners five out of five stars.


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